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Thread: Help a newbie?

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    Help a newbie?

    Heya, lads n' lassies. I'm new to both these forums and to Painter... currently fooling around with the version that's now bundled with the Wacom, and I'm considering picking up 8 in the near future.

    Thing is, I'm having a bear of a time with one small thing in Painter classic -- the brushes. I can't see where I'm about to paint on the canvas, and it's driving me batty. It's not nearly so bad when I'm doing looser brush strokes, but when I'm going in for detail work or to clean things up, I can never be sure how the tool is angled, what the brush size is in relation to the image, etc. I tried activating the "brush ghost" option, but that hasn't done a thing.

    I suppose the first question I should have asked is; does brush ghost, or any other function, normally allow you to see your brush? If so, has anybody else encountered this problem with Painter, in any version? And if so, how did you get around it?

    Thanks in advance for your time.

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    "Brush Ghost when Possible".. means that it only works with some brush variants.

    It won't make the brush size circle show when you're painting, only before your pen touches the tablet and you begin to paint.

    Other options are to uncheck Brush Ghost when Possible and use either of the cursor types:

    Triangle or Single Pixel

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    Thanks for the response, Jin. I was afraid that it would be something along those lines.

    While I'd really rather be able to see the brush tip in relation to the picture (which, for me, would give a feel closer to "real" painting), I find that lots of ctrl+z can get me through the tight areas. Where it really irritates me, though, is in using the palette knife. I love it as a tool, but it's placement seems somewhat unpredictable in Painter.

    'Course, perhaps I'm just a bit of a control freak with my work.

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