My name is Tiffany and I'll tell you like it is: I don't have any professional work experience at this time. This is why I'm listing myself on this site and others looking for work. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? I'm fairly skilled in painter 9 and in adobe photoshop. I'm open to doing concept art and digital paintings as well as coloring comics in a painted style. I also do some 3D model texturing as well, but only low poly at this point.

The only "portfolio" that contains what I consider to be my best work is at . If you would like to see all of my artwork, is my personal page. Since I do most of my artwork for myself, I don't feel that most of the works on this page are up to standard. I do better when I paint or draw for others and I don't get a chance to do this very often.

As someone in need of work right now, I cannot stress the fact that if hired for any project, you'll see the best work I have to offer at this point in my artistic career. All I need is a chance.

Please e-mail me at darksgtphoenix at if you're interested.