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    Manga Studio ... i dunno.

    So I donwloaded the trial version for MangaStudio 3.0 and played with it for a few minutes.

    I'm not sure how I feel about it.. the interface is a little crowded and ctrl+/- dont' zoom, most of the other Photoshop shortcuts work.
    the pencil tool is very responsive with the Wacom and the ink brushes are very smooth.

    still I don't know if I would ever use it.

    Anyone have any experience with this app.?


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    Yeah I've used it before. It's an interesting concept, and it helps out a lot with tone and pencil and ink simulation. Plus being able to build your own comic book. I questioned myself though about it. What is it that this can do, that photoshop cant? Ofcourse, with a little tweaking, and orginization you can make photoshop into the same thing essentially. One thing I like about the pro version of manga studio is the library of tones you can choose, and already pre made pens and pencils. Also the guides and paper set up.

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    eh, personally i hate the program.
    the tones and results i got always looked more photoshop/computerish than what i could do with comicworks. so i ditched it and went back to comicworks.
    couldn't be happier without it.

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    I think every art program need time to learn and get use to it. The fact Manga Studio did have a hard learning curve, and it is pretty hard to master it in just few sitting. (Same goes with Photoshop and Painter too IMHO.)

    Personally, I just finish a whole graphic novel book with this program, and I happy with the result. The most benefit with this program is, the file size for the pages are pretty small. A normal manga book page @ 1200dpi is around 10MB when export to PSD file. It will be at least ten times the file size if I work the same way in photoshop.

    The pen engine is better than photoshop. The group transform tool is amazing, you can select different layers and transform them together. It saves so much time when it comes to the correction. Other like Tone and perspective ruler also come in handy.

    If you guys have question about how to use this program, you can visit my tutorial for some tips.
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