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Never managed to post on this thread yet because I have never managed to finish anything until now.

First piece a commissioned piece showing a D&D character. I was given the concept of the character and after a huge number of preliminary peices and sketches here is the final peice of art.

Pixel Dust - works

This second peice is the meeting of the star-crossed lovers Ch'eye and Flail.

Flail once a punisher for the Merchant god, fell from the god's grace for the love of the woman Morganna. He refused to destroy her and tear up her soul for her crimes for loving the eidelon. The Merchant sent other eidelons some sided with Flail and fell, others tore up the body of the woman but her soul escaped to the Maelstrom where through sheer force of will she kept what she could of her soul intact in the battering choas of the Maelstrom over the millenia that followed. Finally she found refuge for her soul in the New World within a silver birch tree.

Flail searched for many years for his love's soul, never dying and forever persecuted by those still loyal to the gods. He learned from an oracle that there would be signs that would reveal to him his lost love and how he could find her and be with her again, her hair would be red as the blood that was torn from her, unable to speak she would be lost in the world, and she would be connected to the kingdom of Malathia for her spirit will forever be tied to that land.

With the walking on the new world of the old races, the dryads became awakened to protect and watch over this new land, Morganna one of them, her inner soul renamed "The song of silence" she searched this world for her purpose, her white hair and silver bark skin her defence against the world. Unable to communicate with anyone - her memories of her former life lost, she was found by colonists from Malathia who named her Shy or to the dryad Ch'eye as she attempted to copy their words. They took her to Flail and Whisper the eidelons who had refused to destroy her but neither recognised her but the first person to speak to her soul was Flail. She felt she knew him but did not know how. But she was unable to communicate this.

And when the touch of autumn came her hair turned to red and Flail saw this transformation when it occurred and knew who he had found.

Pixel Dust - works

More to come when/ if I finish anything.

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Pixel Dust