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Thread: Demon WIP

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    Demon WIP

    Started a new painting today, please critique.

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    not a bad start, i like the stance, like hes pointing forth an army behind him, careful with foreshortening with horns and face, wing on left side looks strange, too straight vertically.

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    You definetly need to work on this more before we can critique it properly, put a good couple of hours into it and then update it here. Right now the biggest issue would probably be not to viniette it but instead put a background behind it whether light or dark is up to you but the harsh white is kinda hurting, noteably I would also very basic forms, and establish your lighting very clearly and work with a hard high opacity brush, i think that should help you. Remember lighting is the key to everything its the easiest way to show form.
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    Yeah, working on white or black makes it tougher to get a good value range. Also, while it may just be that you've shrunk this down for our viewing pleasure, it actually looks like you're working at this size. If so, you need to pump... it... up! Working very small is almost as limiting as working on white. This also leads to the next tip: use much larger brushes than you think you need. This will help you define the large forms first. Then, as you finish with that brush, continually keep the brush larger than you need until you're down to the final bits.

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