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Thread: how do i do this effect?

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    how do i do this effect?

    hi guys, i need some tips to how to achieve this painterly background effect that many ppl use... like the rugged brushstrokes.. i cant seem to get it. i dont have a problem rendering solid objects, a link to my 2 latest renders

    but i want the background to have a more painterly feel but not too crazy that it takes away from the main object.

    here is an example of what i mean.

    the subtle dots/dirtiness of the page really loosens up the background... any tips?
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    I'm still learning to do the painterly effect as you put it, but i noticed that on your drawings you are quite tight in their execution.

    Perhaps just drawing in a looser style will help - as in not completely blending all the colours together. To coin a phrase "less is more"
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    just lower your opacity as you paint, and keep picking up new colors with the eyedrop
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    Try emailing/Pm'ing Romance. He's a nice guy, I'm sure he'll answer your question.
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    Build up a BIG collection of brushes, mostly with hard edges. Switch frequently while you paint, layering the textures on top of each other in relatively low opacities. But focus more on the overall form and "read" than on the texture.
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