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Thread: Fall

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    More to come.


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    oh snappypants! shane got game! how you been man?

    i quite like this, the colours and comp work well. you have a perspective issue with her eyes and also the lines round the hand feel heavy. brushwork is nice too.... cheers man!

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    Nice work...
    What kills some emotion for me is too much grey palette... Also you have hard edges somewhere and somewhere not... It makes me wonder what you wish to achieve with that...


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    Hey Oregano...nice to see you around. Have seen much of you around these parts lately.

    Cool piece. i like the face and lighting of the girl and placement of the hooded figure below. Also you nailed her hand...very nice!

    Couple of crits: There are a couple of diagonal lines that I'm seeing placed all around your composition. They all have the exact same angle to them and sort of push my eye around, but not in the right way. I think if you were to change just a few of these compositional lines just a bit, just so that there not all lining up in the exact same way, you could control the composition a little more. I've painted some red lines over the ones I think cause the most harm. Notice how that strand of hair, that fold in the dress, her upper arm, her leg, and even her hand all line up. I think it pulls the viewer down...but then there's nothing there in the corner to pull it back up.

    Or maybe i'm just seeing things?
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    Her pose seems really awkward, and the colors on her face seem sort of random... almost clown-ish... I can't tell is she is falling, flying, being sucked in, and the dress really 'clashes' (I guess) with the tealgreen of the BG.

    The hand looks really nice though

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