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    IDW 0025: Advanced Mobility for Spinal Injuries [VOTING]

    Topic: Advanced Mobility for Spinal Injuries

    Background: Scientists have been working on understanding signals sent between the brain and the limbs in order to give those with spinal injuries their movement back. While they now understand the signals sent between the brain and body the next step is developing a means of giving movement back.


    1. Design a product to give mobility back to spinal injury sufferers.

    2. Patients have varying degrees of mobility so a modular system would be beneficial.

    3. A permanent installation is acceptable, but a semi-permanent solution may be better if the product is cumbersome or uncomfortable.

    4. It should require minimal maintenance.


    IDW 0025: Advanced Mobility for Spinal Injuries [VOTING]
    Buck-up Mobility Gear
    It`s function is to give temporary mobility to patients with spinal injuries, until proper assistance can be provided.
    Widely used in the military sector, friendly, called the BUG.


    Marco Mazzoni
    IDW 0025: Advanced Mobility for Spinal Injuries [VOTING]
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    Both decent entries. I thought Marco's was a little better planned out.

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    marco has a more well developed concept... this is afterall
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