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    Practicing. About 16 hours in Photoshop and Painter. Again, I used a Poser render for reference (some people will blame me for that, but at the time it's the only thing I can do with). Then I made a somewhat clean lineart which took me about 3 hours. I usually start painting right away to the get the "feel" for the painting, but I think it has paid off to be patience and do the prep work first. Then, working with layers, I quickly blocked in the main colors and shading, skipping the black and white stage. This also helped me to see the color scheme from the beginning. From then on, it was painting between Photoshop and Painter, and a lot of tweaking of the anatomy at the end and color correcting in Photoshop. I would gladly hear what you have to say.
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    hey man, i like it, some things that bother me though:

    the tree has the same color all over, you could use different hues to make it look more interesting,
    you can apply that to the skin as well.

    secondly her belly button is too low, and accordingly the attachment of the legs also has to be a little higher.

    i like the background very much, nice atmosphere you got here.

    hope it helps,
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    Hi there,

    First the Bad's:
    I miss the color variation on the skin. It is a creepy mood, but it would be even creepier if you play with "fleshy" look as opposite to the wooden material.

    The Good's:
    The idea is great, the composition is great, the pose is great, the tree is great, the bgr is great.

    Thumbs up!
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    I prefer the leg on the sketch - shows a lot more movement than the finished piece. The branches look too flat, trees don't really grow like that, I suggest moving the branches around a bit, playing with the shadows they make, which leads me to another point - perhaps you can create something more interesting with a spotlight-like light, like a break in the clouds or something. I find the mid-ground a bit lacking, the clouds can be more interesting too. Agree on the bellybutton crit, it's too low.

    Whoa, sorry for the long list of crits, this piece has a lot of potential and I've seen such amazing works by you that I'd love to see this on a whole other level!! Keep it up
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    Poser smoozer reference is reference. I tried to do something similar buy gave up. I like the cobwebs nice touch. Should they be more translucent though?
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