Im looking for some help creating a large painting for my living room wall. I have an idea, I have some inspiration pictures, I have a about 2x1 meters empty space but I have no skills what so ever.

A friend (3D artist for a Swedish game company) told me about this forum. Im thinking this is maybe not for the Job offer forum. Cause I would like to get some ideas and concepts for free and if there is anything I really like I would like to pay something like 50-100 USD for a big full quality picture that I can get printed.

Ive attached the orginal image. And Ive attached the orginal concept inspiration image.

First option is to make maybe 10-12 pictures about the size of a A3 and put them in two rows with 5-6 pictures in each row. And have about 1cm space between each picture. Second option is to get a professional print and make one big a** picture.

Should I continue this "job offer" here, or post it in the real job offer forum?

Thanks for your help.