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    Ha! those figure drawing are fan fucking tastic. Definitely a student of master Yan : ) ... actually looking at your avatar I'm pretty sure I ran into you a couple times during after school figure sessions. I went to the academy before transfering to the ca atelier this last may. Keep it up dude... I'm genuinely impressed
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    Nice wip of the portrait. Very good image.
    The corridor has some pleasure marks I like, and the cold feeling it gives is great.

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    nice work mate

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    hey, thanks for the small step by step! Enjoy it lots.
    waiting for the updates...

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    Your work is great, it's as if you've mastered loads of different styles as well as styles of your own. I've been sitting here the past couple of days sketching away using your work as a reference for practice.

    Your sketchbook was a pleasure to look at chromo.

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    Haven't seen you post in your sb for quite a while, which is a shame.
    Just had a quick review of your work, really, the way you applying hatching to almost every subjects really amaze me. I didn't pay attention on that until I work recently more on traditional medium. Men, I can't help myself say that again....amazing. <subscribe ---> press>

    Wonderful job!!!
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    Thanks for the kind words peeps. It's been a while, so here's some delayed replies (you took the time to look at my crap, I should at least take the time to thank you). Here it goes:

    Skeiff: Thanks for the close look at the portrait and comments. The bottom of the jaw is a tough transition for me, especially when the light sources are at different angles….. I’ve been working on that. Thanks.

    MurdolX: Thank you.

    DM7: Sometimes I know what I’m doing, other times, it blows up in my face (as you will see!) Thanks for stopping in.

    Dsg: Thanks. I had fun with those.

    Queen Nehalania: Thanks. Can’t wait to get back to drawing in pen and in the sb. Hopefully I’ll be able to hit the sb again once I’ve healed up.

    Mr. Delicious: Thanks. I should do more monsters, but I figure I need to know how to draw business suits, cars, toasters….. toast…..just stuff in general. I want to be able to put those monsters in an actual world…. Or try to. Eh… more monsters.

    Haboue: Thank you.

    Bhanu: Unless you’re wearing ass-less chaps and a cut off t-shirt that says “Mantastic”, I won’t take it the wrong way. Thanks.

    Main Loop: Hey man, it was cool to hang out an Naan and Curry (back in December….yeesh). I hope things are going well for you at the job. You should have seen Stanislovsky on the last day of class. He looked like he was going on a date or something….. knitted sweater, clean jeans, fresh white kicks….. I feel bad that I laughed, but it was so “un-stanislavsky”.

    Peetaer: Thank you. I think the reason I like it is that it took only 80 min. I didn’t take any more time to screw it up. I liked it and left it.

    Meticlous: Thanks. I kind of lost the angular stuff. Maybe I’ll find it again… maybe it will turn into something else.

    Daniviva: Thanks. I think I pm’d you on the questions, but if I didn’t, let me know.

    Lennon: Thanks.

    Ashrumm: Thank you.

    Jigo: Thanks…. jerk

    Towarlock: Thanks.

    Sublimus: Thank you.

    Nethus: I don’t know about that (especially after this post) but thanks.

    The Gnoll: Thank you. As for secrets… just good inspiration from good people.

    MarkWInters: Thanks. I’m working on the “more” part.

    Beelow: Thanks

    Call0ps: Thank you.

    InvertedChalupa: Ahhhh. I applied to the ca Atelier. I’m envious, it looks like a great program. Thanks for the kind words.

    JoaKimArt: Thank you.

    Koppa: Thanks.

    Tigermilk: Thank you.

    4antimatter. Thanks, just don’t reference the mistakes

    UnSharpened: Thanks for the incentive to post some work. I wish I had a better post to reply to that.

    Okay. So, you ever had those projects that never go right, and nothing looks right? That’s this. I wasn’t sure of my render approach, and well, the work just suffers from it. Any input would be greatly appreciated. What you like, what you don’t like, rendering techniques…. Anything. I need a digital mentor or something. Regardless, I’ve been practicing and experimenting, I’ll post some of that later. Here’s five perspective pieces and two character pieces. Thanks for stopping by, and any comments you can offer.
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    you make your studies look so effortless. i'm jealous

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    The sentinel concepts are just superb!!!!!!Well....every pic here is superb!

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    Ur stuff is crap???? U're crap thinking that ur stuff is crap!!!
    Man ur just incredible!! i wished i could paint have as good as u!!!
    Thanks for posting again! just make me step on my own jaw!!
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    Hey, dude. Beautiful, inspiring work. Your bold strokes, and deep, rich colors make me want to push harder, and go darker. Please keep sharing your work with us. : )

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    Looking very good man !
    It's cool to see you alive and posting again.

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    anyway, i'm giving minor crit because you asked for it--not because you really need it. you're stuff is really freakin' good.

    I think these are fine, man. The sequential/perspective shots read more painterly than digital-- and i like that, personally. reminds me of john watkiss' acrylic style somewhat.

    composition-wise, i don't like the big baby head being so tangent to the top of the picture. either it should go past the border or fall short enough to see a "gap." on the other hand, i like how the little kid's feet are perfectly tangent to the ground plane--there's a stylistic/mood reason for donig it so it works. something might be a little bit off proportion/anatomy wise with the arms of the guy in the bottom storyboard one.

    i like your rendering technique just fine. but i have to say that it is a dramatic departure from your pen and hatching style. i'm not sure of the technical reasons why, and maybe it's just because i've seen your sketches before these, but something says "i want to use lines and outlines!" about the character designs. i know about the "no lines in mother nature" thing when it comes to rendering, but there can be design-style reasons to throw down with it a little more.

    (i'm fighting the same battle myself, so maybe i'm just projecting it a little on you.)

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    This is my favorite sketchbook on the boards. I love the clean lines in your pencil sketches and the digital updates retain that polished style of yours.
    Great work!

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    I've got to say, I really like what I see in your sketchbook! I like the storyboard format in the first picture from your last post and the painterly style is just so gritty (in a good way). The Sentinel concept is very impressive as well. It's very detailed!

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