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Thread: Sketchbook [nudity] *UPDATE 8.5.10*

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    really nice stuff man, im with lukias sounds like crap to me i draw in straight lines too
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    once again i have to say i love your work man, the lighting is great in those B/W digital pieces, and your drawing style is always fresh
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    Ellingsworth Guest
    So beautiful, man. I love your hatching and rendering technique, I'm going to copy some of your drawings so hopefully I can gain some valuable info from you. Hope you don't mind, later, dude.
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    Mind blowing linework!!....keep them coming!
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    vazzaaap!... beautiful work !!!
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    Wow. It's been a while. School and mutant flu/cold viruses have been kicking my ass.

    Lukias: Thanks man. He didn't single me out or anything, he just kind of glanced in my direction, probably unintentional on his part. I think he stresses the schools overall illustration style because it's tried and true. I've seen his work, his teachers' work, and their teachers' work, going back to the 30's and 40's. Most notable is John Lagatta. I think he's passionate about the school of drawing he's from, and wants to pass what he's learned on to us. I guess he just had to lay down the law in the first class and really outline what he's trying to teach us. I guess if I step back for a minute, it makes sense. Besides, he draws way, way better than I do. Lots to learn. Besides, I can still draw with straight lines after class.

    Agelaos: Thanks. I'm pretty sure the non crosshatching hatching is pretty prevalent in mediteranian comic art. Thanks for the words of wisdom. I'd rather draw in straight lines because I choose to, not because I can't draw in curved lines.

    JustinBeckett: Thank you. I hope I can get a job quick after school. The thought of student loans just gaining interest freaks me out. Right now I'm at the Academy of Art in SF for Visual Development (production art/visual development). The animal ref is either from (lions and elephant) or from trips to the SF zoo (the looser ones).

    Carnifex: Thanks. Hopefully I can get to do more studies after the semester.

    Mr.Delicious: Thanks. Photoshop can get fun. Maybe I'll do some more after this. I haven't drawn enough monsters lately.

    Bhanu:Thanks man.

    Darkside: Thanks. The pressure builds. My stomach hurts just thinking about it. I'll do my best.

    Spazazo: Thank you. I hope I don't disappoint.

    Kinnas: Thanks. I'm in the process of figuring it out. We'll see how it goes.

    Mr-Joe: Thanks. My palette is usually titanium white, napels yellow, yellow ochre, terra rosa, transparent red oxide, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, and burnt umber. Sometimes a tiny amounts of cad red and yellow. The skin tones are all pretty much white, yellow ochre, and terra rosa. I miss painting. This semester is killing me.

    Zeitgeist: Thanks yo. I like the edges too. I'm keeping them.

    Doudou: Thank you. I'll do my best.

    Ketka: Thanks!

    MeTal-Mike: Thank you.

    MattiasA: Thanks, but it's all ballpoint pen. No erasers. Having no way to fix a mistake makes you do one of two things. 1) Don't make mistakes (I make tons of mistakes, so it's usually option two) 2) Make your mistakes work for you.

    OneOfTwo: Thanks. Zoos are great for life drawing, and breaking away from the human model for a minute.

    Buckster: Thank you, and I'll do my best.

    Naomiful: Haha. Thanks.

    Koppa: Thank you.

    Dabaers: Thanks!

    Ellingsworth: Thanks. I never thought people would ref my stuff. It's.... weird.

    DJeevan: Thank you.

    DeMoon: Thanks!

    Capprotti: Thank you!

    I feel like a jerk for not having something better to offer after so many encouraging comments. Like I said, school has been stomping me to a bloody pulp, and the fact that I've been sick for two weeks (I think I've cracked a rib from coughing so hard) hasn't helped either. Put it this way, I was so sick, that at a certain point, I went out to buy health insurance. Oh well, I've learned that drawing with a fever does not produce favorable results, robitussin doesn't work as well tylenol sever cold, and advanced perspective gives alot of homework. I have some sketchbook stuff, that I have to scan, but for now, some digital stuff. Must practice more. Thanks again for the kind words.
    "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit." - Aristotle
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    Hey, love your stuff. I'm going to hang out and study your stuff for a while, then pick up my book and steal shamelessly from you. Well, hey, take it easy! Keep up the good work!
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    somebody once told me, only draw anime if you can cure cancer with it.....
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    Awesome envo work Chromosome! Really dig your digis, nice and painterly strokes :0 Liked the sketchbook stuff too, looks great. Lookin forward to more.
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    i hope you're feeling better. the insurance thing can really suck.

    i like all of these except the blue one. the focal point is right in the center of the frame and there's a horizontal line that continues across that cliff through the bottom of the clouds. almost feels like the composition is divided into quarters.

    everything else is really solid. really liked the solidity of the last one with the elephants. has that solid figure-drawing vibe to it.
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    the digis look neat, abit unfinished but still very cool. But what I really love are the pencilled pages, they have a certain sergio toppi feel to thembut still reflect your style completely. Great stuff. I hope you are doing good now, Being ill is so fucked up.
    Please post the sb stuff as soon as you can.

    Take care .
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    Awsome update!!! I realy love the three flaming head guys pic! Very dramatic
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    Incredible! you being sick and all mate? ^^
    It seems as if your enviorments are progressing quite a bit.
    The burning head dudes looks very cool.

    I would love to see some more colored digitals of creatures as well.

    Keep it up, I am watching
    Vicious Pineapples
    Come, critique our art and help us grow!

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