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    Colin Strause Interview (Nice and Blunt)

    Interview Here

    Some of the answers Strause gives are good and straight forward, and never "beat around the bush". I thought some people from here might find his answers to questions a little more fresh.

    "2) I perfer attitude to skill. Many kids fresh out of school have too much ego for having such weak demo reels. They have no idea what they are getting into."

    This one I witness a lot at my school. Sometimes it's very hard to work on a group project with someone when they never take anybody elses oppinion into consideration about a project... Humility, hard work, and some enthusiasm to work with others are things I wish people would focus on more.

    And his oppinion about CGtalk is interesting as well. This one probably applies to other similar sites as well. (Heh, sorry not finger pointing at CA)

    "1) Very few people that vocalize here seem to have any clue about how this industry really works. I think the fan boys and the assholes scared the "ones that know" away. I don't see any way of fixing that. People always act like jerks on the internet because they think they are safe hidding behind some fake name, so many professionals don't bother any more."

    Anyway, just thought you might be interested. I know it's not really about concept art specifically, but I think what he talks about goes hand in hand with any job in entertainment, and commercial advertising.

    Edit:: lmao this one applies to me... *sigh*

    "As long as you enjoy what you do, then I see no issue with working long hours. The key is having some hobbies (video games and sports) and finding good friends to share life with. Being a lonely mole isn't heathly, but there are no rewards if you take no risks. People always warn others about working too many hours, but I see it as the only way to really make it in this biz. There are too many companys and people fighting for a finite amount of work and money, so it all comes down to who wants it the most."
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    That thread's been closed for quite a while so participating isn't really an option.

    Worth a read though, Jackdeth is one of guys on cgtalk who really knows his stuff.

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