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    Arrow CG cityscapes

    I did these for my drawing class in college. I'm trying to get better at general design and placement. Also, I'm trying to figure out how to create things that look more textural (dust, scratches, rough, smooth. although I don't think I really succeded with these pieces). I'm also trying to use lighting and make it look more realistic.


    I'm new here, so I hope I attached these images correctly.

    This is much more futuristic than most of my work. I usually go for fantasy type work.
    CG cityscapes

    Some underground village
    CG cityscapes

    An asian type landscape
    CG cityscapes

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    I would start doing some perspective exercises. Every pic falls because of the same problem. Try to get the basic stuff correct and then render it when you nail them. You'll end up saving lots of time and i think it'll make your learning quicker. At least thats what i do.

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    Mr. Freud says these have a strong phallus vibe. Art is hard. Keep it up.

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    Gonna go ahead and just crit the first one. To be blunt, it just looks way to geometric, way to sterile. Nothing wrong with sterility in a futuristic city, but for lack of a better way of explaining it, there are kinds or sterility - this is just too square, and the lack of perspective really hurts it overall. As the other fella said, art is hard, so just keep at 'er, man. Another thing is composition in this piece. Take it out of the dead center, and when you apply some basic perspective to it, it will look much more interesting. You are overloading yourself, also, with having a billion different lights of all sorts of funky blues and purples, which is really mucking up your lighting. Try defining one strong light source to start with, and go from there. Naturally a city isn't going to have just one light source, but that should help you to define the shapes you're using, then you can go from there. I second what one of your other critters said in that you need to just practice some basic perspective.

    Good luck.
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