Sketchbook: hitchhiking the world of drawing (progress thread)
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Thread: hitchhiking the world of drawing (progress thread)

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    hitchhiking the world of drawing (progress thread)

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    Hitchhiking means walking along and trying to get somewhere. The Road is long and winded and it's really hard to reach the point you're heading for. But sometimes there are some cars passing you by and if the drivers are willed to take you with em, you're gonna move forward much faster...
    ehem. So that's what i'm gonna do. I want to draw at least one picture per day. I'm gonna put up my results steady into this thread. Comments and critics (even more) are allways welcome. Feel free to tell me what you really think about the pictures, and how i can increase my skills. This is how you can give me a hike... (does this make sense ?)

    I draw since some months. I didn't draw very much last days because i had my final examinations. You can see the "old" stuff i did on my website by clicking on "portfolio".


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    hitchhiking... (progress thread)

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