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    Details vs. Values?

    Hey, this is like my eleventh post on! Hahaha...

    Anyway, I have just recently realized that there is a very different technique for roughing in a drawing (or painting) than I have ever been taught. I have always focused on form and details to begin with, drawing everything that's *there*. It hit me (in part looking at a lot of the art on this board) that you can do it differently, instead drawing what you *see*, laying in the values and forgoing the details and form for the time being. Which technique do you guys use? It seems like focusing on the details is more of a drawing thing, and values is more of a painting thing, but it seems like both work both ways...


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    I've done both. Drawing in every detail beforehand has the advantage of planning but has the disadvantage of a paint-by-numbers feel. I find I prefer the more painterly technique when working from direct observation, and the more planned technique when painting a tricky illustration.
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    When I first started I focused soley on detail. It was all about the details first.
    But I have found that starting the drawing or painting our roughly, focusing more on the forms and values of the piece and gradually adding in detail. I think if you have a rough idea of what you are doing first, you have even better ideas ready for you when you get into the detail adding part.

    I also believe it depends on the piece, really.

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