Sketchbook: Neil Blevins' Speed Paintings
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Thread: Neil Blevins' Speed Paintings

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    Neil Blevins' Speed Paintings

    Hey there. While I primarily make 3d artwork (for some examples, visit, I come from a traditional painting background, and over the past few years have been looking for ways to incorporate the immediacy of painting with the accuracy of 3d. I have also decided to teach myself how to paint on the computer.

    At the beginning of November I had the good fortune to take 2 weeks of vacation to do nothing but paint with my new cintiq. The experience was very rewarding, and I feel I've learned a lot, not to mention I got the opportunity to knock out some ideas that had been floating around in my head, some for 2 to 3 years.

    The following images are from those sessions, and I'll add new stuff as I get to work on them. I'm going to try to start ever 3d image I do in the future with a speed painting, as a way to grab hold of my concept faster, turning the 3d process into a way to flush out the final design that I start with my painting.

    Process wise, each painting starts out with super simple 3d geometry I then paint over. I'm a huge fan of collage, so these images will be part 3d, part photo collage, and mostly painting in photoshop and painter. Each image took about 5-6 hours on a single day, + 1 more hour a few days later. I always find my work looks best if I can get some distance between working on it and completing it, my mind can rest and has a chance to see what really needs to be changed.

    Anyways, thanks for listening, hope you enjoy the artwork. I'm just gonna keep moving forward, working on improving with each image.

    - Neil

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