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Thread: 'Multiply' help

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    'Multiply' help


    I'm starting to color my stuff and need some help woth the Multiply function (for layers).

    I scanned in my lineart and put it through "Auto Contrast". I then started coloring using layers set to multiply (so my lines show through).

    I have the colors I want and use the color picker but once I apply them with the Multiply function turned on they are darker and not quite as desired.

    Is there any way to remedy this? So that when I use Multiply on layers the color appears as is and not darker?

    - Thanks

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    Leave the line art on a separate, multiply layer, and lock that layer. Make another layer underneath the Multiply Lineart layer, but dont make it a multiply layer just leave it normal and color away. You'll then be coloring underneath your lineart with the colors you pick, which is what i think u'r tryin to do. Never color on a multiply layer, it doesn't work.
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    That worked like a charm.

    You're a life saver man, thanks.

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