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    Alright first off, REALLY SORRY for not updating for so long...shortly after i arrived in China I joined an art class that goes from 9am in the morning till 5pm in the afternoon full on drawing. Sitting on a little stool sketching for 7 hours straight combined with some jet lag can make a guy really wasted
    plus the class goes from Tuesdays to Sundays with only Monday free so I had to use the whatever spare time i had to work out some personal stuff like setting up a bank account etc...

    so yeah...thats my lame excuse for not updating in something like 3 weeks . Hope this update is big enough to make up for it

    bunny: hey i LOVE your the really long crits u give me, more harsh = more better

    bluefruitbowl: thanks for stopping by! that page is actually just me doing some random doodles after looking at some studies on ca, cant remember exactly what they were about....but i definitely recommend bridgeman's books...invaluable to any artist

    OldNoobie: hey hey! i try working hard but i dont know if you're learn anything from me lol

    dan liimatta: thanks man...sorry for not updating in so long

    FactorZero: lol sorry for leaving such a bad first impression of lack of updates...i usually update more often than this I hope you stay around

    Brendan N: hey man.... i think i'm not worthy of that title anymore again, really sorry for the long absence

    Longxiang: hey man! i'm in Chengdu at the moment but i'll be heading over to Beijing in around May or June i think, so if you're still there, a mini CA meeting is definitely in order , do you know of any other CA peeps from china?

    sketcheth: sorry man sorry...i hope this update is enough

    Chrisbro: Thanks for the support man!

    mc2mc2: right here

    __________________________________________________ __________________
    Alright on with the updates!~!!!!
    __________________________________________________ __________________
    I'll start off with some stuff i did in my sketchbook before joining the artclass:

    1. some bridgman studies done in new zealand
    2. more studies
    3. trying to improve line quality so did some quick ref'ed sketches in pen and sharpie
    4. more quick ref'ed sketches in pen
    5. and some more, studies this time i think, thats some Kchen down the bottom
    6. some more Kchen studies in pen
    7. some kchen studies and some failed attempts at drawing in faces b4 moving on to realising how much i sucked at drawing faces...
    8. a more finished ref'ed sketch in pencil
    9.studies in pen...thats Michelangelo and bridgmans i think
    10.more bridgman studies in pen
    11. and some more (some major failures this time )

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    Updates!!!! Continued!!!!

    Here are the stuff i've been doing in my art class, just keeping them in a separate post to make things easier...
    basically in the mornings we do a portrait sketch from a life model and in the afternoon my fellow classmates usually do a still life painting, and im stuck with doing some studies (i got fed up and tried joining in and you can see the results below )

    __________________________________________________ __________________
    Anyways here we go....
    __________________________________________________ __________________
    (these are pretty much in the chronological order as i did them)
    1. A2 sized study
    2. A3 sized life portrait, my teacher did a quick 3-min fix of anatomy mistakes on this one for me
    3. A3 sized study
    4. A3 sized life portrait
    5. A3 sized study screwed up taking the photo and left a massive white area under her ear reflected from the flash...tried to fix it up a bit but it still looks weird
    6. A3 head structure study, draw from noting the important marks observed from a skull
    7. A3 head structure study again as above from another angle
    8. A3 head structure study again
    9. and teacher made the broad strokes to show me how i made the structure lines too straight and lacking life
    10. A3 sized life portrait...arrg...another massive flash reflection i realised after doing this one that drawing old ppl can be really fun
    11. A3 sized study
    12. A3 sized life portrait....the angle was against the light so i had trouble rendering the anatomy...i think i made the side of his face too flat...
    13. A3 sized study...
    14. A3 sized life portrait
    15. A3 sized life portrait
    16. A3 sized life portrait....again from the annoying angle where the light comes from the other side of the face...
    17. A2 sized life portrait ...unfinished
    18. A3 sized life portrait....totally unfinished (last day, everyone was more busy with saying farewell ) this is pretty much what my usual portrait sketch looks like before moving on to rendering...had my teacher do some minor fix-ups here and there on this one

    There were a few more life portrait sketches that got lost during packing up

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    Moar Updates!!!!!

    Well im sorry for the triple post but these dont really belong with the pencil sketches

    Here are some stuff i doodled in my sketchbook and some of my first attempts at painting with "poster advertisement paint" (i have a suspicious feeling that it might just be gauche but the name got lost in translation but hey, what do i know )

    oh yeah i forgot to mention we also did some speed 5~10 minute life sketches on a regular basis with some peeps from our class acting as models
    __________________________________________________ __________________
    __________________________________________________ __________________

    1. a random doodle which i actually quite like, was a nice break from all the formulated portraits and studies
    2. a random doodle with pen and some markers
    3. speed life sketch, screwed up on the left guy's face and pants
    4. random doodle that i really disliked....felt really awkward drawing the body after doing so many faces
    5. got fed up after the doodle above, and felt sorta sleepy at the time so just really "doodled" whateva came into my head...
    6. two speed life sketches (failed to get a good spot, so had to settle for back shots )
    7. another speed life sketch...didn't plan it out properly so went off the page
    8. another speed life sketch that i failed to get a good angle for
    9. my first attempt at painting traditionally (well unless u count some of the really crappy stuff i did a couple of years ago back in school )
    Its a study of a portion from a bigger painting, unfinished.
    10. horrific attempt a joining in doing still life painting (perhaps i should not have rushed in so this stage the teacher was deliberately testing how we would manage under 3 different background clothes and many objects) I was hesitant to upload this piece as it is so terrible (not to mention no where near finished), but hey....I'll see if i can compare this with my future attempts for signs of improvement
    11. small study something like 1/4 of a A4 page.
    12. another small study...unfinished this time (missing some final touches)
    13. unfinished small study of a pear
    14. another small study of an apple (the original looked soooooo good )

    so yeah....i think i'll stick to doing studies when it comes to painting traditionally for now ... learning to mix colours is pretty hard for me

    Anyways....that wraps up this update...I hope this makes up for my massive absence (not like anyone cares tho ), thanks for the continued support from everyone who posted in my crappy sb

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    This is, by far and away, the most inspiring thing I've seen today. Wow man wow. What huge improvement, what a shitload of sketches...

    I really don't feel like knocking this off the podium with a crit right now, but I will say that you should watch the proportions of your faces more closely, especially the eyes, which too often sits too high on your faces.

    Damn, everyone here is making huge leaps with their artwork and I'm stuck in limbo. Congrats man, I'm giving this thread a whole bunch of stars for this dedication. Well done dude well done! I'm really impressed!

    And no you are still worthy of that title. Period.
    No, start working on your next awesome update, you've raised the bar and I won't accept anything less .

    - d.
    Brendan Noeth

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    I don't think I can honestly comment on all of this. But, uhm, wow? Yeah. I think that's it, wow.
    Huge improvements here, and you can see the improvements in these posts. Actual logged progress.
    I think portrait study number 13 is fantastic. Lots of tonal depth and great features...I love how you made the planes and angles really sharp.
    And I think the painting studies are much better than you made them out to be when we talked earlier. Especially the pottery stuffs. I like the large flat strokes you used to flesh them out. Really neat. I can tell you had some difficult subjects too.
    Huge kudos on the post. Lots of good stuff here. The figure studies are strong and loose. The one fully shaded figure study from behind is brilliant, man...really that a lot. Basically this stuff all rules. Keep up the great work. Very pro effort. Rock on. I'm inspired now.

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    I really admire the all round effort your putting into your betterment skills mate, seriously u are gunning for the improve scales like nothing else. Not much i can suggest to u except carry on as you're going.
    Why do u stick your nose in other families business'. Come on dude don't u have any HOBBIES?

    My sketchbook beckons, ave a look see?

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    wow ... what an update just one small crit for now, on the portraits, I think the bridge area of the nose is a bit too much over emphasized making it seem much darker than the rest of the face.

    Sketchbook :: Blog

    Trying is the first step towards failure.

    Homer Simpson, The Simpsons

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    pld: pld: pld: pld:


    i really don't have anything to say, you keep working like this and you'll get so good so fast!

    these ones are great!

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    Great updates man !

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    what. the. fuck.

    lost for words...

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    i think the paint studies look great man! especially the last three, really like the minimal amount of brush strokes. and even if you say you find it difficult - i thought the colours were looking really fresh and alive. looking good!

    check the Tensai Tokyo Sketch Thread (Sketchbook)

    check the Tensai Cityscapes Thread (Finally Finished)

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    Fuck backgrounds, who needs em.

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    Whoohoo! Update! I adore and The reflection of the surface of the ground on the fruit is just perfect. Great portraits is my favorite, I think. Awesome pen gestures, too.

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    I joined an art class that goes from 9am in the morning till 5pm
    You lucky ass. I'd kill for art classes at this point it's better than biology that's fo sho.

    As for your update, I agree with Brendan N there. Holy crap you're gettin good

    Your paintings - those are your first? Honestly? I think you've got a knack for it. Your brush strokes and the colour palette you chose are very mature. Man, you should see my first paintings, they were hella lame. I'm not sure about the process blue reflection in the vase, though. that's about it

    Your portraits are evolving exponentially. BrendanN and oldn00b already pointed out the proportion and shading issues - then again most of your portraits seem to be of Asian people; they have high cheekbones and it could give the illusion of the eyes being higher up on the face. Just be careful with proportions, but, holy moly, those are really awsome Esp this a-one:

    You figures&studies are looking great too. I can see you're getting really comfortable with form; 'tis awsome I think it would help, though, if you played it a little more subtle with the lines of your life studies. Also, your freehand figures sometimes look a bit "stiff". Think gestures, think fluidity, think of the way the body moves.

    Essentially: awsome update. You're getting awsome. please stop ...kiddin'.

    As the pattern gets more intricate and subtle being swept along is no longer enough.

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    ahh man cool updates, where was I ? why didnt I see them earlier.
    your portraiture is the best , But Iw oudl recomment to go softer with the hatchings.The studies are nice too. watch teh proportions, its a really good exercise to step back tie after time and reflect on the drawing, its really insightful, it helps me might help you too.
    Getting too good too fast.
    Thanks for the comments at my sb bro.
    Great. Take care.

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    looking great! love them studies.. apple is great!
    I do notice that you maybe putting too much black in lot of your digital work.. are you using dodge and burn tool by any chance?
    I think if you used less black and more like the colours in your studies, that would be really sweet!

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