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Thread: IDW 0024: Military Surveillance & Imaging [VOTING]

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    IDW 0024: Military Surveillance & Imaging [VOTING]

    Topic: Military Surveillance & Imaging

    Background: The military is developing a method of surveillance for generating detailed 3D models of an area. Currently this technology takes a lot of time driving around in a surveillance van, being fairly inefficient and very conspicuous - both undesirable when trying to map a hostile area. They need a method that can provide detailed images and surveillance of an area, sweeping it quickly and inconspicuously in a thorough manner.


    1. Design a method of obtaining detailed and thorough images of a target area.

    2. It must return these images somehow to the surveillance post.

    3. It must be discrete.


    IDW 0024: Military Surveillance & Imaging [VOTING]
    Man portable Micro Air Vehicle
    It's a man portable Micro Air Vehicle, it fits in a small tube attached to a soldiers webbing, approximately 10" tall. The soldier, unpacks the EYE, unfolds the flight surfaces/rotors, press's On to check the system's working, then press's Fly to start the rotors and then throws the EYE into the sky. It can be controlled by central command or by the soldier using a small controller.


    IDW 0024: Military Surveillance & Imaging [VOTING]
    The Y-Ball 360. No bigger than a standard football, the Y-ball is designed to be thrown into the air and quickly take in imaging from high above.Once thrown boosters at the bottom of the ball and tail, take charge to quickly soar miles into the sky.

    Able to pivot its camera and center ball around all axis, the Y-Ball takes everything from Infrared, Sonar, Topology Maps, Digital Images and Video. All Y-balls are connected via central computer. They can be controlled individually through a field controller, or if under direct attack the Y-ball has been programmed to defend itself against enemy missles using its heat sensing lasers.


    IDW 0024: Military Surveillance & Imaging [VOTING]


    IDW 0024: Military Surveillance & Imaging [VOTING]
    This small robot is constructed by military engineers to spy enemy agencies/buildings and get detailed informations for military operations. It's most common housing is a biro like a small crab he hides him self during enemy appearance and goes on with his dirty work when nobody is in reach. It's constructed for short time operations within the reach of a receiving station not more than a view hundred meters away.
    The metal clip is used as an antenna to transmit the captured data. The laser in top of the camera is used for distance measurement and 3d data generation. The cam is used to take pictures, mapping and orientation.
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    idfuel, almost would vote for yours, but you left it a little too unfinished an rough. Wouldn't be fair to vote for yours, even though I like the image and the idea is cool!

    So for me it came down between Sogbad and goran. Both strong pieces. Ultimately, the great touch of showing what is being photographed in the reflection on the lens got my vote! Good one, Sogbad!

    Edit: goran, that is some wickedly nice rendering you did of the stalker and the soldier's head!

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    My vote went to Goran for the awesome execution.

    Sogbad - Good Concept, overall great execution, but it felt too much a normal satellite, only smaller.

    Goran - very nice rendering and execution, nothing really to crit!

    idfuel - i really like this concept, not too sure how the legs would fit in the pen. The execution could have also been a bit tighter.

    overall great job everyone =)
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    I really like ID fuels idea, but unfortunately these are all hi level concept, and I thought sogbad did the most professional one.
    Good job everyone!!!
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    v - Goran

    Shut em' down. Well done to the participants, however few.

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    darn! i was at work today and i came up with a really good idea, oh well, such is life, maybe i'll draw it anyway

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    my vote - sogbad. you had a useable idea that was professionally developed and attractive

    act - you had an interesting idea, but it felt underdeveloped. the design too seems a little bit clumsey in comparissson to sogbad,'s which is strikingly similar. a good show though

    goran - you would have gotten my vote except that i couldnt help feeling that it wasnt nearly as functional as sogbad's, for a few reasons. firstly it is restricted to the soldier's point of view, which pretty much mimizes the angles of observation available. second, as it is attached to the soldier, the device itself is discreet enough, but it requires that men have direct (or nearly so) line of sight to the observed area, which shoots deception to piecees in comparisson with the ones that can fly unmanned overhead without giving any indication of the actual position of living soldiers

    idfuel, you had the most original idea, but the artwork was underdeveloped. it would have been great with a bit more time i think.

    good job everyone!

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