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    Unhappy Head study WIP - help

    So i'm doing this head study as an exercise in blending and I can't get the eyes to look normal. Maybe i've been looking at it too long to see what's worng, maybe it's not the eyes.. I dont' know...

    here it is:

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    Your eyes are not centered to the chosen facial structure... Try broadening the (my right) side chin/cheak area a bit. She has high prominent features on one side of her face (my left) and then it rounds off on the other... try to work out more obvious features to balance out how much of her eye is showing from under the hair.

    Also try moving the eye brow over a bit. Eyebrows wrap around the eyes, the eyes do not extend past the eyebrows.

    Great job everywhere else so far though. You could try "mapping it out".. I have no idea how to do that, but other artists here use the technique often. I'm just going by what I see that stands out as an potential issue. great work, it will be very beautiful when finished

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    Is this from ref or invented?
    1: The whites of the eyes are too white, and they're not shaded like the spheres they are.
    2: The irises and pupils are just dark circles, with no lighting or catchlights (a hint: the lighting on the iris will be opposite of that on the eyeball).
    3: There's no anatomy or structure to the eye sockets. Where are the eyelids, the tear ducts, the bone and muscle and fat under the skin?

    Also, it looks like her lips are floating about 1/2" in front of her face.

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    Thanks for the input guys.
    I really screwed this one up; I redid the lines and now I can see how it all shifted. Lesson learned, start a new one, this time sketching it out first.

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