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Thread: Speed Painting gone bad

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    Speed Painting gone bad

    Speed Painting gone bad
    sigh getting frustrated with this piece, the guy on the bottem right took me 20 minutes to complete the background however is taken 8 hrs and i've gotten nowhere with it. anyways please crit or just tell me what i'm doing wrong in general so i can get better. Thanks in Advance
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    ehh when it comes to speed painting, i think if you ask 4 different people you'll probably get 4 different answers. i think the only general 'rule' to follow is just to set a time limit and stick to it.

    i usually try to have a general idea in mind when i start. kinda the subject of the piece, background, foreground, colors and general lighting. i ONLY put effort toward the details on the object of focus. everything else usually ends up being blobs of color or just blurry objects with no real definition.

    sometimes though, i dont know where im goin and i just start blotting shapes and forms until my eye catches something and i develop it more from there.. but in those cases [depending on the time ive given myself] i usually only use 2 colors. a light and a dark. and i dont worry too much about details, so long as what im trying to display can be easily identified [like a plane or a dog or something]... but this is just me.

    im sure you'll get diff advice from others, but the more you know, the more you have to play with.. the easier it will be to find what works for you.

    in the mean time just stick to the deadline.. what gets done gets done. what doesnt, doesnt. you can always wait an hour, give yourself another 30 mins and see what else you can do to the work.. - JAG
    it's only after you've lost everything, that you're free to do anything..
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    Dont get frustrated, cause its not worth it
    As you know the main porpuse of SP, is to do your "best" in the less amount of time, the dificult thing is to know when to stop, thats why its good to have a time limit prestablished.

    best regards and hope i have helped you.

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