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Thread: nightcrawler

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    it's finished except for that cheesy backround

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    The painting could use a bit more work. The anatomy of the body needs some work too - his thighs (among other parts of his body) look a bit weird. He could use some clothes for some more detail. Again, the painting needs work - the white spaces look like it's space that was left off or erased. The shading could use some work as well, he looks a greasy.

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    never use pure white in a painting (or as spare as possible)-you won't ever find anything in nature that is pure white either. second,think about where your light comes from. you've got some lightning bolts,those are bound to cause rim light. since they are there,it's also safe to assume we are either at night or a cloudy day,as such,you need a much darker pallette (NO pure black though).gradient blue background doesn't work. overall,gradient background probably won't work here. pose and anatomy are fine as far as i can see,lines are abit pixelated on the edge though,clean that up.
    you might find some useful info on colours in here:
    the picture has a good starting point,but those colours need heavy work. don't give up!


    Sketchbooks of inspiration:
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    Always think about:
    lighting! design! perspective! proportion!
    And (self)motivation is still everything.
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    I really like it, the movement is great, is a very original art work

    Sorry for my poor english

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    tha back round is only temporary and i think clothes would be a good idea but he seems i dunno more demonic i guess but what could i do to help help the painting itself colorwise you know? thax for the link too

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    First and foremost you need to take some tutorials on how brushes work in Photoshop, because your colouring is just one big, blurry mess(I use Painter myself so I cant give any exact tips). Second you have to work on rendering, Ive just recently learned colour rendering myself, but I say:

    0. Remove all the colour you have now and start out fresh with the linework
    1. Start by just filling out each field with flat colour, covering it entirely
    2. Lay down basic shadows with a slightly darker tone to get a sense of volume and dimension
    3. lay down basic slightly brighter areas, yet again just to get a sense of how everything is shaped
    4. Read a tutorial on how to render/paint directional lighting with deep shadows and specular light
    5. Try it out til you get it right

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    thanks this my first time actually painting something you guys have been great

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