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Thread: MOVIE art job

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    MOVIE art job

    Does anyone know anything about the movie industry?concept art for movies. How much they pay for concept artist, any online sites that have listings of movie companies large and small. I'm trying to find a job either in movies or video games for concept art.any information at all

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    i believe you must get into a union to do the work. there are few film that arent union. i was thinking about it.... but considering most of the work must be done on site, and i dont want to work in burbank or LA... nevermind. all i know is that the union fee's can be a few thousand dollars to get started....but i'm not even sure about that.

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    Sounds like 'mafia' to me -- no offense

    What does the union do for the members? Must be a lot.
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    you don't have to be in a Union to get a job in film.

    And Unions are similar in film as they are in any industry, they are there to supposedly provide protection to their members. (I won't get into all responsibilitis of a Union)

    But as far as having to be in A Union to get work that's false, sure it may look good to a perspective employer, because it shows that you are established enough to reach a Union members' status., but it's not required... And how it does sort of work if you are on a production and it goes Union, you recieve a sort of bid to be Unionized by just working on the project...

    I am speaking form the experiences I had working as a scenic designer (that's a film position that creates physical sets for interaction with the actors, using a variety of construction and painting tricks... thats a short definiton) I worked on a few Spike Lee pics, and one Rob Reiner film as an apprentice scenic, the film brought on Union rep once it got underway into a full production and the people with more experience got the Union vouch.. I didn't becasue I was too young an inexperienced at the time... (and in retrospect, I realized I didn't want it anyway)

    the test for that Union(the scenic designers union) was extremely tough

    a quick rundown of it at the time I was doing that work way back in the early 90's was a number of painting challenges.. one that stood out was you had to take an old masters painting, such as a Caravaggio painting, and duplicate exactly onto a piece of plywood around 6 to 8' high.. and combined with a number of other things you had to do.. you had about three weeks to do this.. and the old master duplication had to be finalized in front of a jury....

    now this is what I took away from a meeting I had with the scenic union people in NYC.. and if there is someone out ther who knows better( I coudl be completely wrong) and would love to hear the correct version... again, if I'm wrong...

    and the tests admission fee was about 4 grand (if I remember correctly) just to take it.... and the kicker is, even if you pass the test, you're not guaranteed work in film... you acquire work as you would in any creative field... bust your ass promoting, until you make a name for yourself...

    MCORRIERO, if you are in the NYC area, like I am, and from what I see your link has Pratt in it... I know Pratt offers recruitment for artists... I met with Rhythm and Hues there, as well as people from ILM, and I didnt even attend the college ( a friend did) but talk to your guidance counselor, as I remember( it happened a bunch of years ago, I'm an old dude now) Pratt was very good at helping artists wiht these questions...

    and bfaubion, movies aren't only done in Cali... there are production companies in the east also... a few big ones in NYC itself..

    as far as concept work, that I don;t know about, meaning the available work in the east, or the unions for it ( I believe they may work under the illustrators union) maybe someone else could offer info on that..


    Bob Steinman

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    Making a living

    The going feature rate that I'm at is circa 10.000 USD per month. Some times more some times less. This includes everything except VAT. And it means that I have my own company and that I pay all the social fees and taxes, materials, studio space etc.

    If the employer pays for this then the pay is between 3700 and 4200 USD.

    Check out for an excellent job database.

    Good hunting,

    "To achive the impossible you have to attempt the absurd."

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