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  • Uziel

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  • Vanvalen

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  • Supervlieg

    41 34.45%
  • chaosrocks

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  • Michael jaecks

    3 2.52%
  • Chuck,mate.

    10 8.40%
  • Nexus

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  • Azathoth

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  • sve

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  • twigbag

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  • Piru

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    8 6.72%
  • Joey-b

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  • Cique

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  • Ikuru

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  • guterrez

    5 4.20%
  • Skolld

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  • xgabo

    5 4.20%
  • artiphats

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  • Chris Noeth

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  • BlkCelebration

    6 5.04%
  • Charlie_2.0

    1 0.84%
  • Stephan_R

    14 11.76%
  • sbn..

    2 1.68%
  • Blue

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  • thedarkcloak

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  • BohemianChaos

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  • MikeCorriero

    8 6.72%
  • jfwalls

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  • GatorKyle

    11 9.24%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fozzybar
    I didn't say your creature was rejected did i?
    Oh, not at all! I was just being difficult

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    Voted BlkCelebration. His creature won me over instantly; It has a lot of personality and great design.

    More c&c later.
    Gabriel Frizzera

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    Woodlandwalker: Maybe the creature could use a little more detailing, its hard to make out his face. Also his colors are quite saturated compared to the background. And some of the background looks more detailed then the actual creature. This gives the piece a bit of a weird balance. Also the tree in front, and the horizontal tree behind it are of the same value making it look like they are one. I like the layout of your piece, and the hair under the sticky tape is a nice touch.

    Uziel: Nice creature, but very monkey like if you ask me. If you painted it brown, it would like like any other monkey. Maybe the design could be a bit more extreme. The background seems a bit underdeveloped, maybe put some more attention there next time. Also try lowering the intensity of you background color to bring the things in front more to the front. Also try to make sure hands and feet match up in size next time.

    Vanvalen: Very cute design. I would have liked to see a bigger picture next time though. And maybe a bit more background. Very little to crit. It looks like the hands and feet were cut of on the right picture.

    chaosrocks: Nice design, I think the rendering could use more love though. I think it would have been nice to see that bulge on his back in a skintone, showing the tension of the expansion. The blue background is maybe a bit too simplistic to make your creature shine more.

    Michael jaecks: Great job on the rendering and the concept. I like that you took a whole different approach to the theme and placed them in a fantasy world. The rendering is excellent and your progress truly shows in this one. Concerning the composition, I would have liked to see the creature in front with a total body shot by zooming out the camera just a little bit. And to get that fleshy look, try adding some tiny white specular highlights on the fleshy parts. Take a look at Gorgoths entry from last week for a good example.

    Chuck,mate: Lovely concept, and I love the stupid look, combined with the terrified pose. The short but sweet story tops it off imo. While it looks pretty speedy compared to other entries this round, the whole package really is on the mark. Got my vote.

    Nexus: I like the shiny fleshy parts on the creature. I would say the whole composition needs a bit of tweaking. By moving the camera to a more frontal view, and making it a portrait instead of a landscape orientation, the pic could pack more of a punch. Right now there is an a lot of blue to look, and there aint to much going on there. Maybe doing some thumbs beforehand helps you figure out a nice comp before starting to flesh it out.

    Azathoth: I like the concept. The sketch had a bit more charm imo. There is little variation in the values, making the pic very flat. Also try adding some variation to the grass brushes you use. Set them to a rotate jitter, and make them vary in roundness and size.

    sve: I like the color scheme. Overall I would say the rendering needs a bit more blending of the colors. The creature's face is a bit to much casper the friendly ghost for me, but that is allright. I like the variation in the coloring though.

    twigbag: The creature itself is nicely rendered. I love the little highlights from the glowing bug. The creature itself is a bit hard to read. I think it would be a bit more natural looking if he was hanging from the hair, instead of floaring in front of them. The purple leaves of the tree are very distracting at the moment, maybe it would be better to tone the intensity of the color down a bit.

    Piru: I like the creature design, and the little details on the tree. The creatures look very stiff though, I would say their poses, and especially their legs look very unnatural. When making a four-legged creature, it is always wise to look up some refs of a similar build creature to see what looks natural. I think the legs should bend a bit more at the knees. I love the coloring, though toning down the overall intensity to make certain areas pop more would make the pic a bit more balanced. I like the idea, and the description tops it off nicely. The white of the background hurts my eye though. A little grey would make your creature shine more.

    Joey-b: Wow, excellent job dude. It's great to see you improving so much over the last weeks, and this entry is another majoer step up. I love the color variation in the tree. And the highlights on the creature are very nice. The only thing I would like to see next time is that you make you creature take up more space of your pic. Either by zooming in on the creature or by choosing another angle.

    Cique: Wow, the pink really jumps of the page. I would say try to think about shadows, and how they would influence the whole picture. Try drawing from real life (pictures or real) to get a feel of how shadows behave, and how colors react to shadows, and how light influences colors.

    Ikuru: I like the colors, and the background gives a nice ambiance. The creature design is very human like (except for the head) I would say the design could have been taken a bit more to the extreme. A bit more selfshadowing on the creature would also be nice.

    guterrez: Haha lovely concept and rendering. I guess it is tree huggin in a way, but it doesnt really show in the pic. And I dont really see the peacefullness in it either. The rendering and coloring is top notch though. I love the expression on its face. It's also a bit gross, but I like it like that.

    Skolld: Nice concept, I like that you call it a clever moth instead of a Draonfly (always check for spelling if you put the text into the picture :-). Maybe next time try a bit less saturated colors, and maybe even try to render the outlines with some weighting.

    xgabo: Another great entry from you, you just keep cranking them out. The rendering is top notch, and I like the story that goes with it. Maybe the base of the tail is a bit plain compared to the rest of the body, It would have been nice to see that striping carry throuhg in the tail. The birds are a nice touch. It's hard to judge where the left on is flying. It looks like he is in front of the animal, but I think if he cast some shadow on the creature it would be easier to see. Right now he could also be flying behing the creature. The design of the creature is very nice, but I have to say it looks like one mean mother, not really the peaceful type.

    artiphats: Nice design on the creature. I would say he needs more shadows though. I have to say I like the brush you used for the leaves. Im not so sure about the one you used for the grass. Try staying away from the obvious photoshop brushed. Or try covering them with brushstrokes to break up the repeating pattern.

    Chris Noeth: Hehe, funny creature. The shadows on the creature could be a bit darker imo. And I think the top part of the treetrunk needs more shadows. The fist looks a bit off anatomy wise. And maybe that grin is a bit too evil to convince me as a peacefull creature.

    BlkCelebration: Nice concept and good rendering. It is very jakkasian. Overall I would say it needs a bit more shadows, this shows mainly on the treetrunk and the tail section of the animal. Love the concept of the leaves by the way.

    Charlie_2.0: I like the concept and the life cycle you described. I think the creatures rendering could be a bit more tightened up. And maybe paint in those highlights instead of using the dodge tool. It will come out better if you render it by hand, and gives you greater control over the color information. The background looks underdeveloped, its a bit distracting. Maybe it would have been better to focus on the creature and go for a portrait orientation instead of landscape. Try figuring this out before hand. It will save you time and let you focus on the important parts.

    Stephan_R: Great pic, with a classic Stephan look. I like it, especially the work on the creatures face and its expression. The foliage of the trees looks a bit uniform though. Maybe some more shadows to break up the different parts would help. aOME Parts seem sharper then other parts, while they are at about the same viewing distance. Also its hard to judge the sense of scale. At first sight the creature looks huge (like a whale) because he is so big compared to the trees. The little critters show that he is actually not so big, or actually that the trees are smaller then you would initially think. The tutorial is great by the way, I like how you gave the whole horizon a little dip to make the creature seem even bigger. I love reading about the thought that goes into a picture. Thanks for that!

    sbn..: Nice one, but the pink is really hurting my eyes, so is the green of his eyes. The creature design is nice, however the main pic is a bit uneven in contrast. The leaves are very dark, yet the whole surrounding is fairly low on contrast. This basically draws the attendtion of the viewer to the leaves. Try evening out the values next time. And use intense colors only sparingly.

    Blue: I like the pastel coloring in this pic. The creature is a bit like totoro. Maybe the trees are a bit underdeveloped compared to the creature. Some shadows casted bu the trees would have been nice.

    thedarkcloak: That look on its face is priceless. The rendering on the tree could use more love. Also try to avoid the standard photoshop brushed, or alter them to get rid of the repeating. The text is really hard to read by the way, maybe just post it below the picture or give it less contrast.

    BohemianChaos: Nice work on the creature. I would like to see the picture more zoomed in on the creature though. Those leaves look a bit slapped on, and dont seem to cast any shadow on the creature. And I see what other people mean by the background looking like it was something you would see out of a moving train. Its very horizontally blurred, which gives the illusion of speed.

    MikeCorriero: Great work on the rendering as usual. Overall the pink seems maybe a bit too monochrome. Maybe a more yellowish-pink tone would break it up a bit. The attention to detail is amazing, but also causes some parts of the pic to fight eachother for attention. Great piece however, and I feel a bit silly critting it.

    jfwalls: Original design, and I like the insets that explain more about the creature. I would say on the main pic the creature needs some hightlights and deeper shadows. And maybe the insets would look better on a less dark background. maybe you could have extended the background of the main pic a bit more to the right.

    GatorKyle: That was funny the first time I saw it, and it still is. The color choice is excellent, the pink works nice with the cyan/greenish/yellow background. I have to see the creature doesnt really look like it cares a lot about the hugging of the tree, or being peacefull. The scaling on its belly looks a bit weird, like its out of perspecive. Same goes for the petals on the err... flower. The little inset is a classic btw.

    Sigilee: I hardly used any custom brushes for the main creature, just a standard round brush set to opacity. For the leaves in the fore and background I used custom brushes and painted over them with the standard brush to break up the repeating.
    Last edited by Supervlieg; November 15th, 2006 at 06:52 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfwalls
    Oh, not at all! I was just being difficult
    hehe...yeah, you were good in this

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    Chuck,mate got it, much thanks to one of the best descriptions I've ever seen. Reading that, the already great creature got ten times more awesome than before. You, sir, made my day. Or rather, as it's 01:10 AM here, you sort of made my tomorrow.

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    my vote goes to superV. Tight render as always. Great sense of character to your creature. good job.

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    v - Cognition

    Too huggable. Rasperry toothache toffee Barnie grizzly won it for me.

    Supervleig, Chuck, Blk - you know. Another round.

    Keep doing you
    Join us for the EOW..

    New World Creation: Designers Wanted – Environment of the Week

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    Thanks SuperV. Next time hopefully I,ll have more than a few hours
    to finish up my render and get variation in tone and texture. Great entries all around. My vote goes to Mike C. Great concept and render. Maybe no sleep is a good thing... Will try and Post a more detail C&C later.... Now Armoured Jelly Hmmmm.... ....Tasty..... Just get the can opener. Please critiques are always a help.....

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    I voted for Blue because I love his off-beat style.

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    Had to go with SuperV, you always have amazing lighting! Do you study reference for your lighting? Do you desaturate to check values?

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    It was a tough choice for me between GatorKyle and Supervlieg, but ultimately, I had to go with the hyper-realized render Vlieg delivered. Gator, loved the idea-it spoke to the inner Fornicatus in me-but the level of detail Vlieg delivered was just too much not to ignore.

    Great job you guys, and I'll try and come back with some crits for the rest of you (I do feel guilty I haven't been delivering them the way I should.)

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    I voted for SV. The pale pink with the green is so lovely together. The tree warping idea is a nice foil to the peaceful topic too.

    Thanks BTW for the nice crit. You know, I thought about fleshy speculars and I thought about you when I tried them out, because you've suggested them before.... It looked a little odd considering the nearest critter is in the shadow of the tree and the light that does shine upon him is just a cheat cuz he's in the foreground. I promise to make a shiny creature for you some time. Probably not so much this next week because I think my jellyfish might glow.

    Also enjoyed MikeC, Chuck,mate, Stephan R and guterrez

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    Voted for Vlieg, nice execution and the level of detail is
    Nice work everyone, see you next week

    ~ Charlie ~

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    well like I said before, my vote goes to gator kyle; great funfactor and I really love its pose...your hugger could need a little smile on its face but I guess it just can`t get enough

    I`m glad that some people also dig my creature; just don`t wanted to do this word-by-word from the topic...also thx for the votes

    thx for kind words SuperVileg, you`ve deserved to win man, great execution and expression in the sloths face

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supervlieg

    Ikuru: I like the colors, and the background gives a nice ambiance. The creature design is very human like (except for the head) I would say the design could have been taken a bit more to the extreme. A bit more selfshadowing on the creature would also be nice.
    This selfshaddow should be on the senter of my crit and all the way to the edge right?

    SV, thanks for the CC! Nice to get feedback from one of the Maestros.

    And yes I voted SV!
    WHY? The collors are a treat, the details on his back, flowers and butterflys and the composition is balanced, near perfect, still dynamic! Do you have custom brushes? One thing, I think the creature looks a bit deppressed, sad or spookey somehow. Might just be how the eyes are quite alive and looking at me.

    Anyways some CC:
    I know Im a noob and its funny I should crit you guys, but nevertheless I think I can see some things that could have driven some off your exelence nearer to perfection, so here goes.

    twigbag, I like the collors and highlights But I find it hard to define the creature, Its hard to tell if thoes are wings on the back and so on, allso the main tree is nice, but BG in genneral needs more collors, highlights reflections etc, the purble leaves on top look a bit lazyly painted on.

    Piru Verry cute, and nice render, but the lightsource could be more obvious and the legs are a bit stiff, allso it looks a bit like the creature to the left is levitating.

    I think the bottom one is pretty funny, reminds me of a "wurli" or chinese monster/dragon or something, obviously it would need more work though, bigger pic, more shadows some furryer brushesh, try to render it so that you cant see so much the PS brushstrokes and work with shadows and light. maybe copy some ref pics of real life animals.

    xgabo Verry cool! Allthough I think you should try to go away from the Black Outline a bit, it would take your stuff to a even higher level.

    artiphats Nice pic, nice caracter but needs more, contrast shadow, high to create more depth, maybe even a litlle bit of outline?

    tephan_R verry nice offcourse, just a small thing here, I dont think the creature against the sky is perfect, it looks a bit like cut out in places, maybe it has something to do with how those collors meet, creature skin and sky, could be it needs more reflection of the sky on the creature, detail and highlight up there to show the size of it... Not sure how this would be done, but something... allso I think the treetrunks to the right nearest the camera could have been thicker and maybe more blured or something, but Im only guessing here. Thanx for the tutorial!

    sbn Nice crit, but too pink, needs some shadows and such.

    thedarkcloak a bit monthy python somehow, funny portait, but you need to render more details, work, work work, dont leave it untill you know youve done your best, use refference for trees to practice, and one thing, it looks like your tree is flying a bit, get thoes roots down there digging.

    MikeCorriero Big fan of your suff, your collors and renders are verry cool (what brushset do you use?) But the creature looks a bit pasted flat on the tree, the arm and leg and throat could cast more shadows on the tree there... I know you fixed this in your final (thanx for the tutorial) but even there the throat and that looked like it could still cast more depth.


    Its great beeing here learning from the best!

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