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    Concept Art Atlanta Sketch Group - ULTIMATE SKETCHBOOK CHALLENGE!!!

    errr.... major event for us--> whereever you are, you should fly down on your private jet and WOW us... (The preceding statement was not a reference to your warcraft fiending...) wish us luck in our battle against blank books
    CATL Ultimate Sketchbook Challenge 2006

    Mark the calendar and sharpen those pencils, kids - 'cause Concept Art
    Atlanta is not just prepared to burn the candle at both ends, we're
    ready to torch that sucker into oblivion!

    At 7pm on November 17th, Concept Art Atlanta is going where no sketch
    group has gone before:

    1 Artist. 1 Sketchbook. 1 Day. CATL ULTIMATE SKETCHBOOK CHALLENGE 2006!

    It's 24 hours of the most furious pencil-scratching, idea-churning,
    sleep-deprived-jibber-jabbering your heart could hope to bear in this
    wee speck of a lifetime...

    We already have Week-Long Sketchbook Challengers proudly boasting
    their medals in our midst. Here's your chance to earn your place of
    glory in the CATL History Books! If you're ready to make a serious
    leap forward with your skills - if you're ready to make a commitment
    to your art - then you cannot afford to let this opportunity get away!

    We'll kick things off at the International House of Pancakes (No,
    they're not sponsoring our event, but wouldn't that be great if they
    did?) for the first leg of the event (we just don't know which
    location yet). From there, we'll be moving to various locales in the
    Greater Atlanta Area. We'll conclude the event with a celebratory
    dinner (at a location to be decided) as the bell finally tolls on the
    end of our artastic day (7pm November 18th), and share the work we've

    What do I need to participate?

    1) A sketchbook - 100 pages minimum
    2) Instruments of creativity - pencils, pens, paints, inks, and other
    substances that leave a mark
    3) Cash/debit or credit cards for rations - keeping yourself hydrated
    and fed will help to keep you off the floor
    4) Inspirational materials - music, magazines, Puddnhead recordings,
    hand puppets, and what have you
    5) A good sense of personal hygiene - freshen up before you roll out
    and pack your toothbrush/toothpaste
    6) The sheer will to go page-by-bloody-page - we'll help you find the
    motivation you need, as long as you're willing to stick it out

    Who can participate?

    Everyone...Absolutely everyone...Especially you...

    Where do I sign up?

    Stop by the CATL thread at (You are already here, but click away if you must...) and
    let us know you'll be stopping by. Or, contact "guggenmaneuver" to formally RSVP. The sooner you let us know if you're coming
    out or not, the better prepared we can be for making arrangements
    ahead of time.

    (eloquent and fun copy graciously provided by Ambient Dollop himself, Corinthian Quill)


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    K... It's 4:43 am here and we've been at it for 8 hours now!

    We're averaging about 40-45 pages each completed at this point, some more, some less.

    Rocking a crowd of 8 to start off with, we lost two during our last migration from a noisy post-bar-crowd diner to a more (?) peaceful IHOP. It's getting serious. people's hands are cramping, but hell, at least the drawings are loose. Only... errr... 14 more hours left of CATL Sketchgroup's INSANE FEAT OF SKETCHBOOK DESTRUCTION!

    So... most of us are basically halfway through with the blank books we started off with... GOOD feeling that!




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    45 pages in 8 hours! holy shit thats fast. Post some stuff when your done. I really would like to see.

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