This navigator shows plenty significant links to art websites worldwide, from the most important exhibitions to the most influential museums and multimedia art. Welcome to the art world and enjoy!
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Important Exhibitions of Contemporary Art

Documents Exhibition of Kassel, Germany
It is an international exhibition of contemporary art.
Documental information of the Exhibition
In German and English
In English and Italian
In Italian (Former website)

Biennale of Lyon, France
The website contains Information of Lyon Biennale since 1995 and “the Sharing of Exoticism” of the 5th Lyon Biennale
In French and English

Biennale of Liverpool, UK
Best Biennale in UK

Biennale of London, UK
In English

The 9th International Contemporary Art Fair of SONSBEEK
One of the most important fair worldwide, held every other eight years.

Biennale of Whitney, USA
This is website of Whitney Museum.
Information of the Biennale is in:

Biennale of Santa Fe, Argentina

Biennale of Gwangju, Korea
In English and Korean. Contemporary Art Fair with most investment and visitors.

Triennale of Yokohama, Japan
In Japanese and English

Biennale of Istanbul, Turkey

Biennale of St. Paul, Brazil

Biennale of Lima, Peru

Biennale of Rotterdam, Holland

Biennale of Valencia, Spain

CAB Biennale of Toronto, Canada
It is a special Biennale cooperates with local residents.

Biennale of Johannesburg, South Africa
It is the only Biennale in Africa

Biennale of Berlin, Germany
In English and German.

Biennale of Montreal, Canada

Biennale of Sydney, Australia

Biennale of Havana, Cuba

Biennale of Shanghai
ICC Biennale of Japan
It is held by ICC museum under Japan Telecom.

International Exposition of Contemporary Art
International Exposition of Contemporary Art of Paris

Websites of Museums
Shanghai Museum

Museum of China

Pompidou Art Center, France
In French
Modern Museum of State-run Tennis Court, Paris, France
In French
New Museum of Lyon, Academe of Contemporary Art, France
In French
Lyon Museum of Contemporary Art, France
In French The curator is the organizer of Biennale of Lyon.
Strasbourg Museum of Contemporary Art, France
In French
Nice Museum of Contemporary Art, France
In French and English
Lilie City Museum of Modern Art, France
Museum of Grenoble, France
In French
Modern Art Museum of New York
It is one of the most influential art gallery in the world.

Modern Museum of Stockholm, Sweden

Contemporary Art Museum of Chicago, USA
In English

Contemporary Art Museum of Sydney, Australia

Contemporary Art Center of Montreal

Contemporary Cultural Center of Barcelona, Spain

DIA Center, USA
One of the most important museum of contemporary art in New York

Museum of Guggenheim in New York, USA

Museum of Guggenheim in Venice, Italy

Museum of Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain

Museum of Guggenheim in Berlin, Germany

Taipei Museum, Taiwan, China

On-line Museums
It is a website of new media built by Modern Museum of San Francisco.
It is a website of new media built by New York Museum of Modern Art.
It is a website specialized in recommending “online museums” built by different modern art museum.
A French on-line museum.

Websites of Multimedia Art

Multimedia Art Institutes
It is the website of Karlsruhe Art and Media Technique Center. This organization is now the supreme headquarter of German and even European Multimedia Art. German.
It’s the English website of the same institute, different contents.
It is the website of the Future Museum (Electronic Art Center) of Linz, Austria, also important to the European Multimedia Art.
CICV is a French organization of Multimedia Art. Researches and international exhibitions are organized here. “Interferences” is one of the fairs they participate in.
It is a multimedia art organization sponsored by CANON, Japan

Foundations Of Contemporary Art
Solitude Institute of Stuttgart, Germany

Foundation of Guggenheim, USA

Cartier Foundation of Contemporary Art, France

Art Academy
It is a State-run Art Academy of Paris. In French

Art History
A lot of high quality pictures of Western art history.