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    Pricing Game Concept Artwork?

    hi hi hi! sorry for asking such a big question with my first post. Ive tried using the search feature but it didnt seem to want to work.

    anyhoot, I am graduating this december as a fine arts major and so very recently I've been lurking indie game development forums - looking for work of course! I found a team looking for concept art and I felt I could rise to the challenge. I've been talking with them back and forth and they seem interested in giving me a shot, there is only one question left before I can start my very first work as an artist - pricing!

    they want to know my prices. I have no bloody clue how the hell you price concept artwork for a game! These concept designs will be for the overall feel of the game world. They do not include character designs or elaborate details, but rather the environment that players will engage in. I did my own research on this team, they have made completed games that they do sell - so I can be assured they will complete this project.

    my friend suggested $40 to $50 per concept design. does this sound accurate to you? I am not too picky on the prices. But I certainly don't want to be that artist that prices herself too cheaply and degrades the value of artwork for everyone else!

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    Hey lady!
    There are a couple of helpful forums under employment section, maybe you should browse around there, I found some useful stuff too!


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    When I price something, I usually try to guess how long it will take me and then multiply the hours by what I think my time is worth. However, If you are unpublished, it may be worth it to work for peanuts. $40-50 is probably what I would use as a minimum. Because If someone isnt going to pay me at least that much, it isnt worth it getting all my stuff out and setup. Of course the more your work is in demand, the more you can charge. I would say to start out I would charge at least 20 bucks an hour, because you are doing specialized work, that not just anybody can do. Then you can kinda go from there.

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    $40-50 seems very low for environment concept work...indie or not.

    I agree with brianhammer on the: (hr x $) = price

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