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    3D animation required

    I'm currently designing an intro for a trailer for a (free) modification for Half Life 2, titled "Nuclear Dawn"

    The 2 main animations are done, one is of the earth, as it spins around, and the other being a 360 frame complex atomic blast. Both the earth and atom bomb are textured.

    The problem is, I need an animator capable of finishing this off.

    What needs to be done:-

    1) Earth Camera Rotation slowed down 70%+
    2) More nuclear animations added to the earths surface, to go off at different times, some should have already occured while others just starting (different animations starting at 10th, 100th, 150th frame etc.) on the earths surface.
    3) Possible lens flare shine at each blast
    4) Sound added (I have all the sound files that'll be required)

    Currently this is done (1/10th of the total animation):-

    You'll also need the XVid codec:

    If your able of finishing this small project off email, I'll happily add you to the credits at the end.

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    This is cool, and very similar to an idea I had for an animation. I don't know what mega-tonnage a bomb would have to be to be -that- visible... but it looks cool so we can go for that whole style before substance thing...

    some suggestions...

    I like that at first we see the flashes going off in near darkness... i'd like it better if you started in total black, then tease us with initial explosions... play this up, keep the audience in suspense.

    When you hit the luminous face of earth: Don't pull back so much, or at the very least don't do it so dramaticly.. smooth out the envelope so that you're pulling away at a constant rate from the beginning of the animation to the end of the cut.

    Don't use a lens flare unless you put the sun in the animation (that might be a nice touch... if the sun could be seen cresting the curve of the eart as we come around toward the lighted side.) But Lens Flares are one of those over used effects that people are sick of... i'd say only use it if it detracts from realism not to have it.

    Finally... atmosphere... your earth needs it. As is, it just looks like the surface is transluscent, not that there's a volumetric effect caused by the particles in the air surrounding the planet.

    These are just some ideas... and don't assume I know what I'm talking about. I might be insane.

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