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Thread: escape hatch

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    escape hatch

    here one i just started..Im ganna go with some cold colors on this..the saucer guy will have some lights on him,,maybe beaming down on her..not sure yet,, i will play with it, and clean up the angels a bit.

    any one got any suggestions on this piece..

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    well the pose is really weird u handle light kinda good in this piece, and overall its cool. but really. the pose of that girl.. totally bugs me 0_o its like "hahaa u cant get me, kiss my ass!" or something 0_o (not meant to be rude but that was my first impression) so maybe take a look at that before coloring ^_^

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    This sene is really well laid out! I especially like the pipes in the foreground, it's a nice touch and really helps to move the eye.

    Her pose however, doesn't feel natural. I don't know if she's trying to go down the pipe or if she's coming out. That isn't a big issue tho, easily fized by adjusting the leg that's in the pipe. Also, her bum looks a little big.
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    i agree with doom. and it looks like her leg would just be floating in that hatch or sumthin.if she was really standing like that, i think both feet would be outside of the hatch. cuz when the foot is in there like that it looks like the hatch has a floor in it. u get what im asaying? its hard to explain.

    and for the background, i would have made that hallway with the 3 figures walking around the corner a little darker. add some more contrast to it. that is kind of a quik fix u can do and not have to rework a lot of pencil. just make it darker and it would add a lot of depth. if u decide to give it a shot, i would luv to see the new version!

    good luck man. overall a very nice peice.
    - Sick.L

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