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    ? for professionals and those alike...

    I was just wondering if there is anything you wish you had known when you where in school, that you know now. Like was there a particular area you wish you would have had more work/study in, or do you know something now that would have made getting out in the work field 300x easier?

    Basically I'm 20 and am getting out of school in a year and am trying to gear myself towards being an employable artist, like 5000 other students. So any tips that you wish you knew when you where still learning (which you always are) would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm focusing on my illustration (traditional and digital) skills and life drawing the most right now.


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    yeah i wish i took some 3d computer stuff. when i was in college, i basically painted 5 days a week with oils. hmm, that was last year....

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    heh, I just wish I'd gone to art school, instead of this crummy jesuit university (nothing against jesuits!).

    It's fine here, but everybody here wants to be a goddamn businessman. practically no art culture to speak of, and I'm so starved for it.

    pointless rant .....

    This forum is a dream come true. Great source of inspiration, lots of lessons to be learned.... really fills the hole for folks like me who don't have it.


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    It's got to be more than a memory, or is life just a fantasy and a piss in the sand?
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