Hmm,wasn't even really sure what to call this thread. As of lately I've been spending all my time working from anatomy books that I haven't been posting my work anywhere. It didn't occur to me till walking out of figure drawing class this morning when another student asked what my user name was on here so they could see my stuff. It occured to me that I never post anything so here we go.
Most of this is stuff from my freshman year and some things are recent.

a doodle from my sketchbook from last year, I don't usually upload alot of pictures from my sketchbook unless I consider painting them in photoshop

portrait of a friend, fairly recent

self portrait, for this assignment we had to hold a grid up to our face and draw ourselves in front of a mirror, so yeah.

another doodle from last year

this one I did just this past week, I had alot of fun working on this, this time instead of going straight on with color I started off in gray scale which I think was better for me since I'm still a beginner.

10 min sketch of the president of soca club here at school

captain space test monkey is a greater captain the kirk, in fact he stole his hair piece.

another portrait of a friend, um this one got rained on during the hurricane

self portrait in oil from last year

my first actual digital illustration ever from first semester last year, I just touched it up a few weeks ago because I felt there was alot more I could do. I do alot of cartoon and comic book characters in photoshop, I don't think I've ever used any reference photos or tried to do anything realistic with the program which makes me want to now. I used to be addicted to the airbrush and now I know better.

actually this is the one thing I've ever done in photoshop that I used a picture reference to paint. this was back when I was heavily addicted to the airbrush and from the looks of it I used the burn and dodge tool. I think someone pointed this out before, I posted this pic under the user name nod.

the sad thing about this one was that nobody liked it, I mean come on it has the members of Rush in it dressed up as heroes. actually I never really liked this one either. This one was done beginning of second semester last year.

That's all I'll post for now, I really need to get started building myself a new portfolio website, I had one and then I got tired of paying the bill. When I say got tired I mean broke, mainly because I would go to the art store and think to myself, yeah i could use an electric eraser, what's the most powerful one you've got.