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Thread: Okay, the right forum for this

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    Okay, the right forum for this

    Hi, this is my first sketch for the site. Constructive criticism would be well apreciated. This sketch is from a cropped jpeg so before anybody says the neck is off, her chin and neck did make that sharp almost 45 degree angle on the left and the right contour line isn't the back of her neck but the hair covering it, but I'm new so lay into me.
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    I'm noticing that if we broke the form into simple shapes, like a globe for the face, we would still see other elements along the far side. I feel that if her head is tilted at that angle, we would see the right side of her face foreshortened in the eyes, as well as the lips. It seems that the lower side of her face doesn't have evidence of foreshortening of her right side and seems too flat to me.
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    I could be wrong, but her ear looks a little off to me.
    The top of the ear starts at the base of the eyebrow, hers is a little over, and it seems a tad (and i do mean just a tad) far back (away from her face).
    her left (our right) eye also seems a bit lower then her right eye. (again i do mean just a bit)
    pretty good looking still though! gl

    Oh, and an awesome technique for fixing stuff like that, and making sure things are "correct" is to look at your peice in a mirror. (or just flip it in photoshop horizontally) Its weird, cause a peice may look awesome, but once you look at it in reverse youll notice all sorts of problems with it, itll really help you balance things. It sure helps me! try it!
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    very nice

    My porfolio:
    name: Jonathan
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    If this is from a reference photo could you post it for us to see? It would be easier to critique it.
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