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Thread: Why Thumbnails?

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    Why Thumbnails?

    This has probably been discussed before, but can anyone tell me why some of my images post as thumbnails and how I can make it stop?
    My sketchbook has 17 pages of normal images, but everything on page 18 is coming out as thumbnails.
    I really dislike them. You have to click on the thumnail and it opens a new window. You have to click the little box to make the window full page and then click the image again to make it full size. That's 3 extra steps to look at a picture the way I was trying to post it in the first place. I suspect that most people see that as 3 extra reasons not to bother.
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    If you just upload your images with the attactment manager without entering them into your post, they should'nt show up as thumbs.
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    I'm having the same problem sometimes, I think the thumbnail thing has something to do with the size of the image you're trying to post, but how exacly.. I have no idea
    Would like to have an answer on this question too, cos I like having the images in my posts so I can add comments.


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    Interceptor,thanks I did as you suggested and it worked at changing the thumbnails into full sized images. But that still doesn't explain why it happens on some and not on others, or why it happens at all.

    NoŽ I totally agree. How are we supposed to do step by steps and demos if we can't insert the images into the text?
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    I was wondering about this myself, and it's written up in this post...

    I'll quote so that everybody can read it:
    Quote Originally Posted by sciboy
    Unfortunately a bug causes inline attachments to appear as thumbnails however there is a work-around.
    Having an inline attachment in the first post of a thread will trigger it, as long as you don't, the rest of the thread will work perfectly.

    So for now the accepted solution is to use the first post to put a message and the thumbnail for the thread, then add the art in a second post.

    Just to clarify, by default attachments appear after the post, inline is when you use the paperclip icon to place it inside the post itself.
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