number of people for 1 place?

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    number of people for 1 place?

    I was wondering how many people was/is for one place in the art academies in your countries/cities. when I was taking exams for my graphick art academy here in Poland there were about 12 people for one place (exams take one week here). and how's in your schools? I'm really interested in it. is it hard to get to the art academy in places you live? bacause in Poland sometines people take's exams 5-8 times. there is really a small chance that you'll get at first try..
    will apriciate your oppinions

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    hey, um, i'm not sure if i understand you question completely but i'll try answering it my best.

    some schools are harder to get into than others. off the top of my head i know that SCAD has a 70% acceptance rate (meaning they accept 70% of the people who apply) while RISD has a 34% acceptance rate. i'm sure you could always get into one school on your first try, it just not might be the best one. also, i think you really only have one try unless you attempt to transfer from another school later. we also don't have exams to enter the school. generally it's a transcript, SAT/ACT score, portfolio, essay, and recomendation. i'm not sure for international students though.

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    I'm not asking to get to a school abroat. just wondering, bacause I don't know much about system in other countries
    thanks for reply

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