Hello all,

I was considering training for a possible part-time or eventual career position as what I'm thinking might be termed as an art cosultant. Please correct me if I am wrong.
I would like to become proficient in matching persons to certain types of art after examining their personality/desires/tastes and also matching art styles to the colors, shading, & other features of an individual room or indoor/outdoor space. For example, parents of a bold, extroverted child might seem happier with a certain style of painting in the child's room. I envision that it would be my job to be aware of artists whose paintings or prints might come nearest to matching or match my client's desires and, by educating clients, make them aware of hidden desires/tastes which they may not even have considered.
Can a person do this part time or eventually make a career out of this, & what would a position as I have described be termed as?
In addition, where should I begin in my initial training; any particular college courses?, attending auctions-galleries?, online courses, seminars?, etc.?

Thank you very much for any information & assistance.