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    IDW 0019: Post-Apocalyptic Standard Weaponry [VOTING]

    Topic: Post-Apocalyptic Standard Weaponry

    Background: The massive clash between two powers that people can no longer remember has left the world scarred. The survivors have formed into gangs, the world is now ruled by warlords. And now, from the south, a new leader is building an army to return the world to stability. These warriors need armament, that is where you come in.


    1. Design the standard weaponry for this new army.

    2. It can be weaponry of any kind, remember the world has been bombed back to the stone age.


    IDW 0019: Post-Apocalyptic Standard Weaponry [VOTING]
    The South rises, no one knows where they got their new weapons from, the light but strong clubs easily pierced our armour and smashed our stone and wood weapons. Rumors abound, some say that they were given to them by their Gods, or they found them at a place where the Gods once lived, who knows, all we know is there is no stopping the southern hordes…

    The War Clubs became the standard weapon for the southern army when they came across the desolate remains of a city from before the apocalypse, one of the less devastated areas used to be a home to many car dealerships, within these they found the tools to shape the wheels into War Clubs. The wheels are hacked and battered into clubs, leather is bound on to the handles, recovered CD's glitter in the sunlight banishing evil spirits, and a running total of kills is engraved onto the War Club.


    IDW 0019: Post-Apocalyptic Standard Weaponry [VOTING]


    IDW 0019: Post-Apocalyptic Standard Weaponry [VOTING]
    The parasite who lives inside the weapon pumps the adrenaline in the blood stream of the warrior
    But in return the host must provide the food ..Warrior must eat or be eaten by the weapon.
    The warriors have been called : “ The Children of Circulus Vitiosus” ( The Vicious Circle Children ).
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    My vote went to Goran. His piece had the most fleshed out concept (ah hah, no pun intended), and it seemed to fit the brief most clearly. I can also tell he really did put a lot of effort into it.

    Lodin - Also a very nice picture--was a tough call to vote, but ultimately it didn't really scream post-apocalyptic (the crossbow is entirely too decorative). The outfit is very well done!

    Sogbad - an ingenious design, nicely rendered. In the future you should start building concepts around single pieces though. It helps to make an environment around the tools in the IDW (although I know most of the entries don't), and to see more gear would definitely help. Plus, I know you can paint, and this entry looks more like a photomanipulation.

    too bad there weren't more entries (shame on myself!), it was a topic that should have been MUCH more explored by the rest of CA.

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    i voted for sogbad. i like the photochopping - clever use of the tools at our disposal. in any case, a really cool weapon with a good backstory. i like the twist of turning commercialism into magic charms, and turning an icon of wealth and luxury into a primitive beating tool. nice, simple design.

    lodin - good painting, but feels more of a focus on character design, rather than weaponry. would've liked to have seen a closer, angled view of the crossbow.

    goran - cool concept and design. the background distracts somewhat from your rendering of the weapon, but i like the depth of detail that you've provided. a prominent angled view of the weapon might have helped.

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