Dear artist,

My name is Sander. I'm from the Netherlands and am a university student of communications and video productions. I discovered my talent in the ways of story telling and thus I decided to write (Dutch) books.
Note: I already won a contest with a short story.

The first part of my fantasy trilogy is done. It’s being read by a professional reviewer and personas of my target group. All I get is more than positive feedback, even from the professional reviewer who said this book is very promising because of its uniqueness and great way of storytelling... That’s a motivator alright!

I’m going to rewrite the whole book once more after I’ve read and structured all the given feedback reports. Now that the story is almost without flaws, I will make sure the grammar is perfect. This, because I’m determined to publish this book at one of the greatest publishers within my country – they published Dan Brown, Harry Potter etc.
Now, this can happen and the book can sell with the commercial strategies a marketeer came up with:

• I have the possibility to promote my book in a show on a TV network where I did my internship.
• The book can be on the main page of an online bookstore for some time (not 100% sure).
• A professional flash website is being made by a friend of mine.
• An introduction of the website will be a flash movie (maybe with artwork and composed music).
• The manuscript will be printed on hardcover in the U.S.A. to get the attention of the publisher (because a stack of A4 will just disappear in the masses).

I have also contacts with published authors who gave me a lot of advice and that all of this will stun the publisher. They will certainly look into the book very well and most likely give it a go!

Note: It is 100% sure that I can publish this book. The difference is in getting it published at the greatest publisher or at a small one. To get the attention of this big publisher, I need eye-catching artwork integrated in a dynamic flash website with composed music.

Now, the only thing missing is the artwork. I can’t afford hundreds of dollars for concept art and therefore I hope anyone of you great artists can help me out to draw concept art for the website and maybe for the cover. If I get that big publisher I will make sure you can draw all the art needed for the campaign – and of course this time for hundreds of dollars. Plus I will pay you an additional fee according to the success.

I will never forget those who help me. You will be named in the book and website.
Take this chance. Draw one drawing and you might be drawing everything for a new fantasy trilogy and than get more and more projects.

Let’s do this! Send me a mail or add me to your buddylist on MSN Messenger

S. Norman

P.S. An example of the style I'd like the drawing to be: