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    eh. i need to shut up. 2K and counting..

    looks like ive only got the mile high club to join after reaching this shameful milestone and joining the few CA frequenters who have gone before me and clocked up 2000+ posts. DING! do i level up? do i get some stat upgrades? wheres my talent point i need improved overpower!!1!

    hennnnyways, cheers to everybody on the site who have made my stay here an all in all a pleasant, informative, constructive time. im sure that only a small portion of my posts havent included personal artwork, but its something i hope to change.. pfft

    thanks again all!

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    What I said to Asoir.

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    ......Sigh.... I don't get why there should be a thread made every time someone pops the forum cherry post count.... I have seen 3 of these in here in the past little while.
    I mean good for you and pat pat. I'm not trying to be mean.

    But common... if your going to post a topic make it an interesting one at leaste....

    Oh and PS.... bad dead baby jokes....are not the road you should take now...mmmhhmm people have gone down that road after they popped their cherries...and lets just say it didnt end well.
    Your next thread should be about dead puppies instead.
    Who exactly is this minjit you ask?
    Rorke's Sketch Book of Doomy Dooomm!
    I don't want to go mommy...>.< you can't make me!

    I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”
    --Robert McCloskey quote

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    But if you shut up who will keep us updated on all the drama in your life?

    Es fließt durch meine Venen, Es schläft in meinen Tränen
    Es läuft mir aus den Ohren, Herz und Nieren sind Motoren

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    Quote Originally Posted by dfacto
    But if you shut up who will keep us updated on all the drama in your life?
    LOL. umm well by the rate its transpiring id say probably every major news channel will pick up my accidental choking on a peanut maliciously given in a gift basket from a formerly psychotic stalker wishing to make amends yet having a hidden agenda for my unborn children.. ahem.

    as for making a thread about my post count cherry pop, ive been offline for a few days now and havent noticed any such threads, so i apologise forthwith. i would have made it a more interesting topic had i had something at the time.. i guess i just couldnt wait.


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