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    Microtransactions [The Start of the End?]

    So, I came across this today.

    Basically, you're paying for "add-ons' which really are just cheats to get everything you can unlock in the game at once.

    That's terrible, it should never even come to this. The point of a game is to play it for entertainment. Alright, so someone doesn't have enough time to beat the game and they want everything. What would he normally do? Maybe... look up the cheats! And now you have to pay $2.50 just to max out the character?

    That's like paying an extra dollar everytime you want to watch a worker bag your groceries at the supermarket.

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    Microtransactions are still pretty new and game companies are just trying out different things to find out what is going to work best. We're going to see a lot of really stupid moves in this area (such as the current Lumines fiasco) before they start to figure out what it is people want out of microtransactions.

    Done right, microtransactions are a win-win situation for the seller and the consumer. Companies are just still trying to figure out how to do them right.

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    If anything new payment methods are late imho. I want the new episode and / or content based payment methods. Now all i need is a subscription deal like they have for cellphones, with special prices for consoles if you get new content every month. I want to play games like i watch movies, or would watch tv if something good was on, a monthly fee would make much more sense than big sums every now and then.
    Paying 50 euro for a game and playing it in one long session sucks. I want to buy and play it in smaller chunks.
    Edit - cut out a bit of my uninformed rambling. Long story short, i think top tier games are going to have to cost even more money to really rival movies on their own territory, which would also make it easier for cheaper, or let's say more cost efficient games, to explore niches and find things only games can do as a medium.
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