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    need help with lighting and colour

    a piece that i..think.. im done with.. uh. somewhat. i need some advice on the lighting and colour here. c'mong people. you're my only hope.

    need help with lighting and colour

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    This looks like outdoors. If there is only one sun on this world and it sends out a warm color like ours, then the shadows should be consistently to one side and cooler in color than other places. Here you have some bluing to one side on a lot of the parts but on the arm holding the guy the shadow is on the wrong side. There is no shadow to speak of on the head.

    You just need to make the shadows consistent here, and trick out the detail shadows a bit more. The little guy in the hand has no shaded side, but he could. What parts of the robot would stick out so that he casts a shadow across himself?

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    The lightest area right now in this blocked out color scheme is the upper left. This could be ideal for a somewhat silhouetted and rim lit subject. The hillside could also be in shadow but with light raking across some higher points of foliage or rock. The shadowed areas of the mech could then be subtly lit by reflected light colors from the ground and from other ambient sources. That's my two cents.


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