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    My Website -- My Art -- Need Honest Feedback

    Hi all,

    As you can probably tell I'm new to this forum. I was hoping I could get some really honest feedback on my website and the artwork on my website. I am interested in getting into concept art and digital matte painting, but as you can tell from my site, my style is not focused yet and I work in all types of mediums. I don't have much that can be really considered Concept Art though, as I don't have the confidence to draw Concept type artwork yet.

    My site is still under development and more images will be added soon, but I was hoping to get some feedback about the usability/design of the site as well as feedback on some of my art.

    I'm a 2nd year student at Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD) in central Ohio, so a lot of the works on my site were completed as part of projects for school. I'm an Animation major, but have only taken one Animation class so far. Pretty soon, I will post a few of my Animations on my site, but they are very amaturish right now.

    Anyway, I'm hoping to learn as much as I can from this site as I see a LOT of amazing talent here. Very inspiring works of art!!!

    Talk to you soon.


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    The photo of you at the top absolutely has to go. For a professional site it really does'nt need to be up there. And the shattered glass looks too emo for my liking.
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    ....mmmm yeah I don't want to be mean... But its kinda true... But the moment I saw your face... I had to leave the site quickly.... I think you should have some other picture on the front. Show some of your other art instead. And I agree about the brocken glass... to chees-E
    Who exactly is this minjit you ask?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rorke
    But the moment I saw your face... I had to leave the site quickly...
    There's being honest, and then there's being rude. You were the latter. If you don't want to be mean, don't post the comment.

    Sandman-X - A few suggestions for your site:
    • Remove any paintings/drawing you feel are weak or unsure of. As the saying goes - "Your only as strong as your weakest piece." (Someone correct me if that's wrong).
    • Reduce the number of categories of artwork. Merge some together to clean up the side menu.
    • As said before, remove that broken glass picture from the top. Replace it with your best artwork.
    • Don't post your works in progress. Show those off here in the forum, where you can gain valuable advice from artists before posting it on your website.
    • In the main page of your portfolio link, the thumbnails you've posted are not needed and really aren't that pretty. Replace them with a picture of what you think is your best. If your going to keep the thumbnails, at least make them link to the paintings/sketches that they correspond too and boost the contrast up on them. As of now they look dull and aren't doing you any favours.
    • Remove any sections that have no content. Add them when you have something to put in them. Having broken links and empty sections will give employers the impression you don't finish your work.
    • Get rid of your commissions pricing list section. Not every commission will take the same amount of time and effort. Having static prices could hurt you in the long run. Instead of the list, I'd recommend clearly stating on your main page that you are available for commisions and that you should be contacted for inquiries and pricing. That way to can tailor your pricing based on request.
    • Look at sites made by other artists, particularly those in the industry your seeking to enter. Compare the sites and come up with a list of elements they all have in common. The list will most likely contain all that is needed to create a successful artist portfolio website. The list should be your reference when, or if, you decide to upgrade the content and design of your site.

    Hope this helps you.


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    Thanks all for the candor. I really appreciate it.

    Interceptor, makes sense on the image at the top. I wasn't sure about that one myself and my wife suggested I should have put something else there a couple weeks ago. I guess I should have listened to her to begin with, huh? LOL

    rorke, appreciate the info, but yes that was a bit harsh.

    romance, I really appreciate the detailed feedback. You hit some points that I never thought about before. A couple of areas I had suspicions about (i.e. the empty pages and dull-looking thumbnails on the main Portfolio page), but your input helps me definitely see where I need to improve. You've given me some things to definitely think about and I especially like the last suggestion about keeping a list of websites related to the industry I want to go into. Great tips!!

    Thanks again all,


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    Your mechanical gesture pieces are your best work IMHO. I would focus on that work more so than the graphite stuff.
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    Just a small thing, the CorsonArt logo, it screams 'Bevel & Emboss in Photoshop' be careful of such tricks it looks like you took the easy way out.

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