Its really horrible to see whats going on with the best tradional art tool i had ever used.

The next workflow downgrading bug. This one is in the Alphachannels/Texttool.

I have a picture with an Alpha Channel. Now I write a Text over the Picture. Then I commit the Text to an Layer. Now I want to combine the Alpha Channels from the Textlayer and the Picture on Canvas, that allready has a alpha channel. So I select the Transparency from the Textlayer, and then saving to the Canvas Alpha Channel and select add to mask. If I had done this, i let me show the finished final alpha Channel. But the added Transparency from the Textlayer has now funky freaky antialiased lines in the mask. The Alpha is not clean and unuseable. Coz I want to save the Picture out as a Tif with Alpha. So that it will be transparency shown in the game menu.

Next Problem! Where are the funktion to switch off the transparency from the Layer. Painter 7 had this feature. In the moment its not possible to save the picture with his full color/without transparency values. Because this is really important when u using graphic content with alpha channels in a game, coz the allready used values in the layer are twice again in the alpha. This is normal, but If u display the picture with transparency in a game, then the values goes all over to 0 cause there are no full colorinformation in the picture. Sorry its really hard to explain this in english for me. I will add some picture here, thats will showing the problem.

more bugs will coming..

sometimes i can't understanding bugs like this. has corel no beta testing before they release the product? hmm..

Iam not really happy about all this bugs and feature downgrades that was available in the old Painter Versions. Cause iam using any of this every day. I think its time to reinstall Painter 7, till a good Painter 8 Patch is released.

so long,