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    Photoshop 7 question?

    In photoshop 7, if you load a tif file or tga that has a alpha, PS automatically applies the alpha and makes a transparent layer. Is there a way to stop this and retain the original background color and just have the alpha in the channels on load? Its really annoying me, I liked the 6.0 way better.

    biased bastages have a painter forum but not a photoshop one :mad: :bash:

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    Only thing i can think of is not openoing it but using the 'import' filter. Might help. But other than that the whole show wont come through... maybe you can set the alpha channel to 100% in some channel box or something?

    Otherwise try opening, saving as BMP and reopening (??)

    Good luck.
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    One other thing...

    Photoshop 7 doesn't really believe that anyone would want to use an alpha channel instead of a layer, so it automatically converts them (I tend to agree, but different strokes for different folks). If it's an ongoing problem, why not just create an action that makes a path out of the channel?

    Just my 2¢.

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