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    Reading list for Art Student's League of NY

    Got the book list from Burban at the Art Student's League and I thought I'd share it for all who were interested. Many of these are available online or at your local library.

    (The levels are a bit tongue-in-cheek)

    Apprentice Level ::

    D'amelio . Perspective Drawing Handbook
    Hale, R.B. . Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters, Watson & Guptill
    Hamm, Jack . Drawing the Head and Figure, Grossett & Dunlap
    Loomis, Andrew . Figure Drawing for All It's Worth, Viking Press
    Nicolaides, Kimon . The Natural Way to Draw, Houghton & Miflin
    Norling . Perspective Drawing Made Easy , MacMillan
    Peck . Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist , Oxford University Press

    Journeyman ::

    Bridgman . Life Drawing , Dover
    Bridgman . Constructive Anatomy , Dover
    Bridgman . The Human Machine , Dover
    Hatton . Figure Drawing , Dover
    Henri, Robert . The Art Spirit , JB Lippincott Co
    Richer/Hale . Artistic Anatomy , Watson & Guptill
    Thomson . A Handbook of Anatomy for Art Students, Dover

    Master ::

    Clark, Kenneth . The Nude
    Cole, Rex Vicat . Perspective for Artists , Dover
    Delacroix Journals
    Durer, Albrecht . The Human Figure , Dover
    Gombrich . Art and Illusion
    Gombrich . The Story of Art
    Gray's Anatomy
    Hatton . Figure Composition
    Loran, Erle . Principles of Cezanne's Composition , U of California Press
    Reynolds, Sir Joshua . Discourses on Art , Dover
    Rodin . On Art (Interview with Rodin by Paul Giselle)
    Speed, Harold . The Practice and Science of Drawing , Dover
    Vanderpoel . The Human Figure , Dover
    Vasari . Lives of the Artists
    Wolfflin . Principles of Art History

    enjoy :.

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    thanks for the list, Vanderpoel is amazing, I bought a drawing of his a few years ago from 1903.

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    Thanks a lot for this list - explains why I'm having trouble "understanding" Speed sometimes and why I have gone from Loomis to Bridgman, back to Loomis and am currently studying Hamm that I got yesterday (GREAT advice-and-theory book!). Plan on then taking on Loomis FDFAIW before moving on to Bridgman.

    Concerning Speed it appears to be like a "Book of Five Rings" (Musashi's philosophical masterpiece) for the artist - a book that could be read once a year for a lifetime and there will always be some new wisdom to find. A marvellous book, just feels a bit advanced at the moment. But now at least I know why :-D

    EDIT: Maybe this one belongs in the "references" section instead?

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    That's a great list.

    Just a suggestion, but you might want to also add that to the Artist's Reading List thread. There's a fair bit of overlap, but seeing what books the ASL recommends would be kinda nice to have in there.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    hey guys do u think any of these would be at like public libraries and stuff? ive got a couple of books but theres no way i have the money to get all of those... even just the apprentice level ones...

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    A lot of them are at the library. Depends on what city you live in.

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    Good list.

    Gombrich you can find in almost any library. Even my highschool library had that one.
    Harold Speed you can find for free here.
    Same with Vasari - here.
    Sir Joshua Reynolds aswell.
    Others may be harder to find. Just go to a library with the list and try.

    Also, prolly "Journeyman" list could be supplemented with Bammes - if you live in Europe, most libraries still have his old german books lying around collecting dust.

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    Thumbs up

    Many thanks to Max for posting this fucking crap!!!!
    Maybe the mod can sticky this or combine this list with The Artist's Reading List in another thread, since this thread has classification of the books by skill levels.

    I'm kinda suprised that "Figure drawing for all it's worth" is considered a beginner's book, because the stuff in it is hard as hell to understand. Of well, maybe because I'm a total pre-beginner.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mindbendermind View Post
    Thanks a lot for this list - explains why I'm having trouble "understanding" Speed sometimes and why I have gone from Loomis to Bridgman, back to Loomis and am currently studying Hamm that I got yesterday (GREAT advice-and-theory book!). Plan on then taking on Loomis FDFAIW before moving on to Bridgman.
    LOL, same here.....moved here and there from various author and now settled on Hamm's book. It's easy as fuck to grasp and very good as a starting-out book. I joke with myself that if I still can't draw basic human figures after reading this book, then nothing will.

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    Thankyou very much!

    "The superior man is distressed by the limitations of his ability; he is not distressed by the fact that men do not recognize the ability that he has."

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