... to thank the community.

Its been somewhere on the order of 10 months since I joined conceptart.org, and just around 11 months since I started really putting my back into becoming a better artist. I like to think of myself as an honest person, so in the interest of being honest I'd like to say that I am lazy at times, I am selfish at times, I do get discouraged quite easily at times, and to be perfectly honest - I'm as dumb as a brick at times, and some of these things that I have been studying just take some extra time to sink in. But despite this I have had some excellent support and (I think) have made some good progress. Much more than I ever could have hoped for on me own. So to all the people who have posted in my sketchbook, commented in my threads, sent me private messeges explaining how to go about doing something, to my past and current ssg's, and to everyone else who has lent their support in my journey through art. Thank you. Things have been particularly difficult in daily life lately. A lot of things. So again. I'd just like to say thank you to all of those people, who are too many to thank individually. Your help and support is recieved and I am extremely grateful for it.