Hey everyone, i'm a first time poster & a long time stalker of the CA forums. I'm not even sure if I am posting in the correct forum or subforum as this isn't really a job or it could be depending on how you look at it.
I am currently a fourth year illustration student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and I am looking for a person that is in the illustration field to be my "mentor". The reason I am looking for a mentor is for a class I am currently enrolled in. We, the students, are to look for a mentor that can give an assignment to us, and provide us feedback on the given assignment. You will not be grading us, but will be guiding us on the given assignment. So there will be a continous communication between both student and mentor. Basically, I am looking for someone to give me an assignment so I can work on for the rest of this semester and get some pointers on how to improve it or whatever. All communication can be done on the phone or email, and it doesn't have to be an everyday thing. Twice a week or Twice a month, whatever time you can spare I'll take it! So, if you're interested and can spare some time, feel free to leave a reply here, private message, or email me at roberto.ching@gmail.com.
Thanks for your time