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    New With an issue

    I am new here. And well I have had a few issues with the graphical arts in the past.
    1) I don't seem to have enough patients for it, not sure if this is common, but I lose interest in things quickly.
    2) In none of my Highschool art classes has the teacher ever helped with anything, she just tells us what to do. so My techniques are very crappy
    3) I seem to have issues alot with anatomy.

    I am wondering if I become a regular here should most of those things become less of issues? because I love the idea of creating something new but I just don't seem to be that good at doing so.

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    I hate to sound like a tape recorder but the only thing you can do is keep at it. To improve anatomy, get an anatomy book and study how all the muscles link up, then have a go at sketching people walking down the street etc. They dont need to be precise because all about capturing the form.
    Theres alot of random tutorials etc hanging around these boards.
    In terms of interest, only you can make yourself interested in your work. As I say to myself all the time, dont make drawing a chore, make it fun!

    Form, Form, Form, Form, Form, Form, Form, Form, Form, Form.

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    Hi there,

    Welcome to CA. You're mentioning your highschoolteacher. I'm gonna assume you're pretty young and not very experienced at art yet. Think of approaching this way: just cos you folded paper airplanes and made it fly a couple of times, does not make you suitable to fly a Boeing 747. You'd actually have to get a proper training that'd cost years of hard work, money and some luck.

    If you wanna continue in art, you'll have to work hard. Being impatient is an issue many of us have, but giving up is not an option. So, in order to succeed, you'll learn patience. You have to keep trying to stay interested.

    Your teacher did her job. She told you what to do. What did you expect from her? She's only supposed to give you a basis about art. School is a tool, you have to use it. So, if you wanna do art, you'll have to find out about art techniques yourself. Look into the Tutorials, Tips and Tricks, but also in the sketchbooks or Fine Arts forums. There's a ton of information there. Also check the CA Wiki. But don't forget to visit a library, bookstore or if you're in some deserted part of the planet or google interesting artists and maybe hook up with artists who live near you to learn together and encourage eachother. Most important of all: keep drawing, all the time.

    You say your anatomy is crappy. You can learn anatomy. It seems like you want some instant talent. I want some of that too. It just doesn't work that way. So, better pour in blood, sweat and tears and start working. That's the only way you'll improve. Now, head over to the sketchbooks section, open one yourself and start posting. Try to post some pictures every week. Give it some time and you'll see major improvements.

    Good luck!

    PS: there are/have been other people with this issue, just look around a bit in the lounge, there must be at least a dozen threads.

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