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    Always looking for inspiration thanks for peering in


    I'm new to concept art. I'm not sure as to how I fit in here. This site seems more inclined/leaning on what my close friends do..that is video game art and animation and movies. I don't know if there is room for contemporary/postmodern artists here. I saw a link for the modern/postmodern art page guess there is. I went to art school in Milwaukee. My best friends studied design and illustration vs.."fine" art. I've found more allies and friends with folk with those they deem in the "design" field vs.."fine" art... I'm not certian there should be such divisions...yet the stately museum makes most calls I suppose. My spiritual views put everyone on the same playing field with no status... that's my belief.

    So you know the imagery I posted a photo of myself as model trying my B-movie wig on for size. The next image is a sketch/thumnail/ or blueprint for a painting I would like to start.. think Ross/Russ Bleckener..I was told I"m heading his direction.

    I apologize if I double loaded an imgage or if they are too small or large. I'm still learning technology. I did visit the "rules" page and I'm trying to adhere to them..hey I went to a catholic high school where you would not wear sneakers or have you shirt untucked at any time...or I know about "rules" ..please correct me if I messed up
    all critiques and comments welcome.. thanks for visting me
    Chris jdw

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    Ah, you've ended up kinda in the wrong place, uhm... I'm not really sure where you're meant to be, I'll check up on that.

    Basically, take what art you have (photos, sketches, finished art, etc.) and stick it in the places where it oughta go, so photos (artsy as possible) go here, sketches to the sketchbook section, you get the idea.

    If you're just starting out entirely with photography then I hope you'll stick around, you may get some stick, but don't be put off.

    So what I'd say to do from here is it group the art up and make posts in the relevant sections. If you have some photos you want crits and comments on then post them here and hopefully we'll help you to improve. Also, for drawing, be sure to check out the references forum, it's awesome.
    When you're ready I say edit your post to fit the structure I mentioned above, and hello to the forum.

    P.S. you're painting looks like one of those huge lollipops, mm.
    Oh, and try and take something for the challenge, you have 'til Tuesday.

    (Just a message to everyone on the forum, don't go all harsh, newbie an' all, as long as we don't have another Jose incident. Try and be as welcoming as possible and help with some guidance in the right direction.)
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    welcome to CA for a start!, as above (thanks rhynome) Im not sure that you are in the correct place. Of you have any photos to share, of any style. This is the place!
    the painting it kind of funky though

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