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    Community Trend

    I took a six month hiatus from art and this community. I was browsing around the net one bored day and I stumbled back upon this fine forum and I was reborn. I have been re-inspired and despite a full time job, a three hour commute and going to school full time (not for art, sadly) I have been making an attempt to push my skills further and made a commitment to push out some artwork everyday. I do not get paid to produce art, I don't plan on getting paid for art, I have done that in the past with graphic design and advertising and do not plan on making it a career, yet I am drawn to this passion with unforgiving force. Maybe it gives my life a bit of meaning, maybe it is what defines my character, any which way, there is no need to get too philosophical about it, but it is an addiction of sorts. To get to my point, this forum is my gateway to the art community and my only source of meaningful critiques and feedback, (other than the usual pat on the back from friends and family) and for that I am appreciative. I do, however sense a bit of a trend forming in this forum that has been bothersome. It seems like at the beginning of the year, every time I posted I would immediately receive great feedback and support from fellow artists and I would return the effort. But, lately (past month or so) much of that feedback has been non-existent. This could be attributed to many things, i.e. summer vacation, people busy back at school, too many members on the forums, too much great artwork to take in, or it could just be that my artwork sucks.

    Does anyone else feel me on this, or am I just being a bitch?

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    I know that I haven't critqued as much as I'd like because of a fresh school workload. If it was later in the year I would be critiquing more, for sure.

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    Too busy drawing, painting and animating.

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    I would say all of the above.

    I've noticed that these forums change a bit into a fan club, for, say, the sponsors up above. But then they swing back to good critiques 6 months later. Just draw....the critiques will happen when they happen. That's the why you have to love doing art...the long hours of lonely work
    I'm drawing a blankin my sketchbook, that is

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